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Feedback for Giegel

Nov 14, 2011

    1. Giegel purchased a Soom Syen outfit from me. She paid very quickly and sent me a note when she got it. :) Very very sweet person. Very good buyer! :)
    2. Giegel bought a Littlefee outfit from me. It took a bit of time to get her PayPal set up, and she paid by e-check without realizing, but she was very polite to deal with and let me know when the package arrived! Thanks so much!
    3. She bought a Soom Beyrl from me. Great communication and o time layway payments! I would happily do business with her again!
    4. We did a Soom Body trade with Giegel. Everything went smoothly and communication was fast. Thank you very much :)
    5. Giegel purchased a DoD head form me, was quick and friendly with payment and communication.
      I would happily do business with her again.
      Thank you!
    6. Giegel purchased soom super gem feet from me.
      Great communication, was friendly and quick payment.
      Thank you~
    7. She bought a DOT shall from me. I gave her a layaway and everything turned out fine. Thanks again, take care!
    8. I bought Dune's head from Giegel. She was very kind and friendly when I met technical problems with paypal and waited patiently until paypal support solved it for me. Shipping was very fast, and the head came to me quickly and well packed. Thank you again and good luck!
    9. Giegel got Feeple65 Chloe arm from me, everything's perfect
      Thank you!
    10. Giegel pruchased a Soom outfit from me. The transaction was so quick, easy and friendly. A real pleasure. Thank you!
    11. I did a trade with Giegel (my soom Vesuvia head and horns for her Cuprit head and horns). She was an excellent trade partner. The post office took longer to deliver than normal, but it got cleared up after I called them to check on the status and location and report that it had been stuck in one place for a few days.

      Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the Vesuvia!
    12. Giegel bought my soom birdy feetmodded to fit a littlefee, payed immediately and let me know it arrived safe. great transaction, POSITIVE :)
    13. Giegel is a great buyer, great comunication and transaction, so kind and she pay so fast!
      She bought my minifee body in layaway, and all it's great!
      POSITIVE! :)
    14. I bought a Soom Grit outfit from her and she was very patient with me :D it arrived in wonderful condition :)
    15. Giegel bought a CP Luts MNF boy body from me on a short layaway.
      Communication with her was wonderful and she paid the body off earlier than we discussed.
      However, that very same weekend, I got chicken pox and wasn't able to go outside for 2 weeks.
      I offered to refund her payment until I was ready to ship, but she said it was OK and to take my time.
      A very understanding and sweet buyer!
      She also messaged me as soon as the body arrived.
    16. giegel purchased a pair of galena wings from me and was very pleasant to deal with ^^
    17. I bought my Soom Adamelli from her. She was great to work with and super patient with me and my layaway. <3
    18. Giegel purchased from me soom cass' outfits. she has been really patient with, and we agreed on a short layaway. payments have been sent in perfect time, and all the communication has been lovely. she let me knew when the parcel arrived, and I couldn't have been any happier about this transaction.
      I highly recommend her as a buyer, thank you so much!
    19. Giegel bought a Soom Cass head from me on a 3 parts layaway. Every payment had been on time or earlier. Communication had been friendly and fast. A lovely, smooth transaction. Thank you. Highly recommended. :)
    20. I bought mnf Juri 08 head from Giegel. She was very friendly. She shipped the head very fast and the head was well packed.
      The head was very beautifull and in good shape.
      I highly recommend her as a seller.

      Thank you so much for the head :D