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Feedback for Ginko

Oct 25, 2010

    1. Here is my feedback thread! <3

      Thanks everyone! <3
    2. I sold a pair of Yrie wings to Ginko.
      She paid fastly each part of the short layaway, let me know when she send the money, and send me a nice message when wings arrives.

      All was perfect, communication was smooth and easy, will deal again with a lot of pleasure with her !
    3. I sold Ginko a Soom Appini outfit. She paid very quickly, communication was great and let me know when the item was received. Highly recommended Buyer!
    4. I sold a soom baby buffalo mask to Ginko. She paid quick and had great communication. Would do business with again!
    5. Great buyer, fast payment and good communication. Thanks for buying the outfit ^^
    6. Ginko ran an Argile split recently. There were some problems with Soom not using her correct address, moving and internet provider issues that caused this to go a bit crazy, but in the end everything came out just fine, at least for me. If she ever ran another go again I'd more than likely join it because she did everything she could to make this go well. I won't fault someone for outside problems making them suffer. Thanks for running the GO, Ginko.
    7. Sadly my views are not as optimistic as Kurosuteru's. I too, was a part of the same SOOM Argil split. I have know Ginko in person for over two years, and had considered her to be a close friend (to the point we went out and did many things together in completely non-doll related moments. Trips to the mall, seeing movies, ect.). However, I have found time and time again that she is a large flake, and rarely does what she says she will. Several other splits run by her have had issues (some just small ones related to our group and not brought up here on DoA) as well as her often-times not paying people for dolls and parts she bought from them until someone manages to pin her down and convince her to do so, or return them.
      She is bad at keeping people informed, and the fact that she had run into internet issues is a lie. She had time to go onto other sites, but no time to check DoA? Clearly this is yet another example of her flaking out on the people who she was supposed to keep informed of things.
      She planned on sending me the wig I ordered via meeting up at a pre-arranged date, time, and location (to save on shipping costs) and she did not show. She did not tell me she was not showing, and it is highly doubtful she would have ever told me had I not contacted her in a demand for an answer.
      I did finally get my wig, yet her 'excuses' as to why she did not tell me - and thus have me waiting for an hour in hopes that she would come and not flake out - were subpar. They were clearly just what they were. Excuses to try and prevent me from becoming angry with her.
      I honestly do not believe anyone should ever enter a group order with her again. I am slightly iffy on the idea of people selling or buying things from her as well, though I can only truly suggest heavy caution when dealing with her and any group order she might run again.
      Please, deal with Ginko at your own risk. From one concerned owner to another, I warn you to stay safe, and limit your dealings with her.
    8. Ginko took part in my Soom Bazael split. Her payments all arrived on time, and while there was a bit of a delay at the end when to came to me shipping her parts, once her Internet connectivity was restored everything went smoothly again. I'd welcome her back to any split I run in the future - I found her a pleasure to deal with.
    9. Ginko bought a wig from me, the payment came quickly, it was a very easy transaction. A recommended buyer. ;)
    10. I've made an overseas trade (Soom tinygem Heads) with Ginko and she send the package on time and the doll's head was perfectly as described. I'm very happy with this transaction and recommend her as trading partner ^_^
    11. I took part in Ginko's Argil split a while back, and nearly forgot to come leave her feedback. I received one of the wigs from the fullset.

      There were a few kinks that happened in the process, such as moving, a big mistake on the part of her internet provider, and a big, big mistake on SOOM's part when they put the wrong address on the package and tried to correct it by writing the correct address on a corner of the box -- in ballpoint pen -- while leaving the original shipping label with the incorrect information. Because of this, not only did we wait for SOOM to ship the order, but we also had to wait until the post office somehow managed to see the corrected address. Thankfully they did, and the package arrived safe and sound.

      Ginko went through a lot of stress with this order, but I feel she handled it better than most people would and would join another GO with her.