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Feedback for Giovanna

Jul 24, 2007

    1. Okee :D

      So I haven't been here that long but I know I've bought a buncha stuff from all sorts of folks from around here! So I've decided to start a feedback thread for myself :)

      I would greatly appreciate if anyone I've bought (and maybe sell eventually) something from would give me a lil critique/feedback 'cause I wanna make sure I was a good.. trader I guess would be the word?

      Yay! Thank you all :aheartbea
    2. Giovanna bought a wig from me. She payed promptly and we had a great transaction!

      I would definately do business with Giovanna again :daisy
    3. had a great transaction with Giovanna, she bought my extra MNF neck piece, and she paid promptly and was a pleasure to deal with. thanks so much!
    4. Giovanna is an amazing buyer! She bought a lishe from me, paid right away, kept in touch the whole time, and even let me know when she got there! Everyone needs such a great buyer! Thanks Giovanna enjoy her :D
    5. Giovanna bought a pair of pants from me. Great communication, and the payment was prompt. I'd be happy to deal with her again. ^^
    6. Giovanna is a great buyer, pays promptly and was a pleasure doing business with. I'd be happy to deal with her again!
    7. We split a MNF Lishe. She was wonderful to work with, kept in contact, and put up with me not having quite enough money and pushing back our order a bit. ^^;
    8. Giovanna just bought 2 fun-fur wigs from me - very pleasant transaction and quick payment. Thank you, come again!
    9. Sold a CP NS Nanuri'07 head to Giovanna. Prompt payment and a smooth transation even when I had to send the head out a little later than expected.

      She's very understanding and a sweetie! Thank you very much! A+++++
    10. Giovanna has been wonderful to work with :aheartbea Thanks!
    11. very quick payer nice and polite and just plum sweet ^_^
    12. Giovana bought my bernard from me and she was a doll to work with! Sent payment promptly and is just so wonderful :)
    13. Giovanna was a pleasure to deal with! :) Perfect buyer! I sold a pair of jeans to her - the payment arrived asap and communication was prompt and friendly! Thank you very much!!
    14. Feedback for a delightful DoAer, I bought a golden Narae head from Giovanna, ship it quick as lightening package with TLC, Emails where so Delightful too. Don't be shy..buy..buy...buy!!!! ​

      :thumbup Thank you Giovanna:thumbup
    15. Gio is AWESOME! She sold me a doll, shipped very fast and I am very pleased. Thanks GIO!
    16. I bought an AoD Boy body from Gio! There was even a mistake on the post office's part on shipping, but Giochan went so far as to call the post office across the country and in my nearest area to fix the problem!

      She's so so so sweet, she made me very happy! The doll is in great condition! He doesn't have a head yet...


      ... But Leo loves him all ready!
    17. I sold Giovanna a yo sd Kun, it was the perfect transaction, A+

    18. Giovanna bought a Juri 05 head from me. The transaction was quick and pleasant, and she was very nice to deal with.
      I recommend her:)
    19. I purchased a Narae from gio and everything went smoothly. She allowed me layaway so I could get my girl. I would recommend her to everyone.