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Feedback for girdethsvoice

Oct 29, 2007

    1. I haven't done a lot of transactions directly on the Marketplace, as yet.
      I got my DollTi-D from Joey, who knew what would bring me into bjds, and I was delighted to get some clothes for him from mercy.
      I use Paypal for transactions. I have good feedback on eBay under the name hjgnagasvoice, as I believe in communicating clearly and paying promptly.
    2. girdethsvoice bought a doll chair and MSC from my store, the transaction went smoothly, great communication and she was great to deal with!
      awesome buyer A++!
    3. girdethsvoice bought a elfdoll body from me and paid very quick and was very nice and responsive =) great buyer!
    4. girdethsvoice took part in a minimee group order I ran. She was an absolute pleasure all around, very prompt with her communication and payment--a wonderful buyer and a sweetheart, definitely highly reccommended by me :)
    5. Sold a pair of SD goggles to girdethsvoice... Very prompt communication and payment, friendly, exceptional buyer! Thank you!! <3
    6. I sold to girldethsvoice. She is wonderful to deal with and I would do more businesses with her in the future :)
      Thankyou =)
    7. girdethsvoice participated in a group order I ran :) Very friendly communication and fast payment, I'd definitely recommend her!
    8. Many squees and recommendations for dear girdethsvoice--we've traded, bought, and sold multiple times, and it's always a complete pleasure (not to mention fast, whether she's on the buying or selling end of the deal). :chibi
    9. We did a trade of bodies (my old souldoll for her Domuya flexi) and it went great -- she was communicative and helpful. She shipped the body very quickly and it was wrapped wonderfully well. He arrived in fantastic condition, and all in all I couldn't be happier :) :) :)
      I'd do business with her anytime.
    10. girdethsvoice purchased a bunch of clothing items from me. Her PMs were super-friendly and payment arrived fast. It was an all-around great transaction and I highly recommend her.
      Thanks so much.
    11. girdethsvoice bought some clothing and a wig from me and she was great to deal with -- this is my second time doing business with her and I recommend her very highly. :) :) :)
    12. girdethsvoice bought a wig and two pieces of clothing from me! She was very friendly and sent payment fast. Great to do business with! Thank you!
    13. I sold girdethsvoice a set of Iplehouse feet. She paid promptly, and was very nice and pleasant throughout our transaction. I would do business with her again in a moment!
    14. Girdethsvoice bought a can of MSC from me recently and the transaction went perfectly well. She's a wonderful buyer, prompt payment and great communication. Thank you so much! :D Nina
    15. Girdethsvoice bought some doll clothes from me, and it was an excellent transaction- fast payment and also a great communication :)
      I recommend girdethsvoice to other buyers and sellers !
    16. girdethsvoice purchased custom suit set from me. Fast payment and the transaction was very wonderful. As same as communication~ I will be very happy to deal with girdethsvoice again~! Thank you very much :aheartbea
    17. girdethsvoice purchased a couple of dresses from me and the transaction went very smoothly with great communication and quick payment! Thank you very much!
    18. girdethsvoice took part in my Luts group order, and everything was perfect.

      Fast payment and excellent communication, I wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again ;)

      Thank you! <3
    19. girdethsvoice bought doll accessores from me. Great transcation with prompt payment, thanks!
    20. Girdethsvoice bought a shirt from me. She paid promptly and her communication was very pleasant. I recommend her to others!

      Thank you for a smooth transaction!