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Feedback for Girlcreeture

Dec 3, 2007

    1. I tried to find a feedback thread for Girlcreeture , but none to be found, so thought I would start one~

      Had a very nice friendly smooth transaction with Girlcreeture.. Was a pleasure to purchase from and I highley reccomend her!
    2. I'm going to take ownership of this feedback thread as I am re-entering the BJD world. Thanks to Gloria for starting this back in the day :)
    3. girlcreeture bought a Musedoll outfit from me: great communiaction, fast payment, a perfect transaction...it was a pleasure dealing with her!:)
    4. i sold a Volks Bianka to girlcreeture, it was a perfect transaction. communication was friendly, and good throughput, payment was prompt, and she let me know the doll arrived safely..... great buyer.
    5. bought a unoa sist from me! very polite, paid on time, and was patient with me while i solved a shipping problem.
    6. girlcreeture bought two wigs from me. Communiaction was great, fast payment, a perfect transaction. It was a pleasure dealing with her.