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Feedback for Glammie

May 9, 2012

    1. Give feedback if we have done some business :lol:
    2. +1 positive!:

      I purchased a Bobobie Apollo from Glammie + full set of clothes. Communication was wonderful, prompt and friendly, she is a very nice, patient and helpful person.
      She provided me with all the information that I needed very efficiently and within the same day, whenever I came up with new questions (she is really patient, since I made TONS of questions, hehe).
      She has been also extremely generous, including many items in the set that I didn't expect!!!
      Oh, and shipping was really fast... seriously, the package arrived way earlier than I expected.
      It was a pleasure to deal with her, I highly recommend her!!

      To Glammie: Thanks so much for everything!!!!! ^_^ I'm really happy about this transaction and I can't thank you enough for everything!!!
    3. Glammie bought glass eyes from me. Ahe paid quickly and told me when package arrived.
      A real pleasure to do business with!
    4. Glammie took part in my Tiny swap and was great. She shipped on time and sent a wonderful gift to her partner with cute extras (incuding a pair of shoes) ^_^ thanx so much for joining my swap!! ^_^
    5. i bought a dim annabeth head from glammie, the head was shipped superfast ^^ and the constact was wonderful...would buy from her everytime again ^^
    6. Glammie was in my Pukifee latiyellow Easter swap.
      She followed the rules and shiped on time.
      I would give her a great recommendation for any swap!
    7. Glammie took part in my Trick or Treat swap during the month of October, 2013. Everything went smooth as you please and I would love to have her take part in another. Thanks again for all your hard work!
    8. Glammie took part in my Christmas present swap and was a pleasure to have in it. She sent her parcels in time and her partners were happy with their gifts. I would love to have her again in my future swaps.
    9. Glammie was a participant in my Fairytale Swap. She is a wonderful swap participant and I would highly recommend her for any swap. :)
    10. well it is my sad duty to leave flakey feedback here for glammie but after several messages and a full YEAR of time after the swap ended to get her gift shipped out it never happened so here i am... unfortunately glammie never sent her partner's gift and while i understand life happens to the best of us an entire year of extended time seems a bit much so sadly i dont think i will be doing business or swapping with glammie any time in the future...