Feedback for Glitt3rGalaxy

Jul 18, 2018

    1. Feedback thread
    2. Positive feedback! They purchased a Soul Doll Ariana wolf head from me and the transaction was perfect. Thank you!
    3. Positive feedback! Glitt3rGalaxy has bought a Doll Chateau Evangeline head from me, the communication was very kind and friendly, the payment came very quickly. She informed me as soon as the shipment arrived. It was a pleasure to deal with. Thank you so much for the successful transaction, I am very happy with and would highly recommend Glitt3rGalaxy as a buyer. ^^
    4. I sold a 5th Motif Venitu Head to @Glitt3rGalaxy in Pure Oriental. She was very friendly and prompt in her communication and paid almost as soon as I provided my Paypal. She informed me as soon as the head arrived!

      I would definitely sell to her in the future and recommend her to any seller. Fantastic buyer and terrific transaction!
    5. I sold a tan angel philia body soft skin to Glitt3rGalaxy. She was great with communication and very prompt to pay and informed me as soon as body was received. Very easy and pleasant transaction. I would highly recommend her as a buyer! Thank you!
    6. :thumbup I sold a rosen garden lovis head to glitt3rgalaxy. It was a perfect transaction. Great communication. I highly recommend. :)
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    7. glitt3rgalaxy purchased a DZ body from me. I'm so glad it found a wonderful new home. They were incredibly communicative and let me know when everything arrived safely. I'm so excited to see what they do with it <3<3<3
    8. @Glitt3rGalaxy purchased Littlefee sleeping faceplate from me. It was a perfect transaction. Fast payment and friendly communication. Thank you! :)