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Feedback for Glorfindel

Jan 17, 2008

    1. Glorfindel didn't have a feedback thread, so I decided to make one! :D

      Glorfindel bought two pairs of gypsy pants from me. She paid promptly, communicated by email to make sure there was no lost or missing PMs. I'm extremely satisfied with this transaction!
      A+ buyer!
    2. I sold Glorfindel a Delf EL :) She was really nice to deal with, great communication and understanding!

      I highly recommend her as a buyer! Thank you very much for giving him a great home :)
    3. Glorfindel bought my a Soah from me :) She paid immediately and was super friendly.

      I'd be completely confident selling to her again. Thank you for such an easy transaction!
    4. I sold a SD dress set to her and she is wonderful to do business with. Very kind and fast with shipping. Thank you.
    5. I did a massive comission for Glorfindel. She was very patient, quick to pay, and wonderful to deal with. I highly recommend her!:)
    6. Glorfindel bought my Chiwoo elf, was a pleasure to deal with - polite, friendly and fast at paying! Thanks so much :)
    7. I sold a SOOM Kanoa to Glorfindel. :) Payments came earlier than expected, and everything went very smoothly! Thanks so much!
    8. I bought a Leeke Kyou from Glorfindel. A bit rocky, but that was only due to unforeseen circumstances beyond anyone's control.

      Overall; Everything went well, and she was extreemly nice thoughout the whole transaction. :)

      Thanks soo much!
    9. Hello!

      I have sold my Beryl to Glorfindel, and she was very nice and serious with me.
      This is an excellent transaction :)

      Thank you !
    10. I had a great transaction with Glorfindel, she was an awesome buyer with prompt communication and payment and I would definitely do business with her again! Thank you so much! :)
    11. I sold a delf body to her. Glorfindel is wonderful to do business with. This is an excellent transaction!! Thanks!!
    12. A paging thread for her.[url/]http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=314810
    13. Hi, i would be seriously wary of this member if you are buying from her. I have been waiting 3 weeks now and she hasnt sent the goods and she has now stopped contact with me too. Just be cautious.
    14. I fell seriously ill for a short period. I am back now, and even before getting back I asked a friend to sort out my three trades. I apologize for simply dissappearing, but I was in hospital.

      Of the three transactions I had outstanding which were waiting on me, two were refunded (one about two weeks late, the other about a week late of when they were meant to be posted) and the other was sent off and has been recieved.

      I thought I ought to explain and be as honest as possible. This is the first time this has happened and I would never just dissappear for no good reason.
    15. I have since had contact with Glorfindel and had the whole misunderstanding sorted out :)
    16. Sold a pair of custom wings to Glorfindel. I made a mistake in not checking the shipping time on fabric that I ordered for this commission which caused it to run behind. I told her about the delay and she was cool with it. Because of the success of this order, it prompted me to add new fabric choices for the wings. All thanks to Glorfindel.

      Thanks again!
    17. Bought a Jollyplus body from Glorfindal.

      Flexible terms and great communication! Packaged and posted well adn was really happily recieved! Highly reccomended!
    18. I purchased a Heliot full set from Glorfindel. She is amazing to deal with and was super understanding when I went overseas during the middle of our transaction. She even managed to get a replacement part from SoOm for me before she shipped out the doll, even though it was months and months after her initial purchase. (Not to mention putting up with all of my PM's over the months that this transaction happened)

      An amazing seller, and I thoroughly recommend her to everyone.
    19. Sold some clothing to Glorfindel, no problems at all! Fast payment, thank you!
    20. Glorfindel bought a necklace from me and was very pleasant to deal with. Payment and PMs were prompt :)