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Feedback for gokunobaka~

Jul 30, 2008

    1. Any opinions goes here ^^ <3
    2. Goku did awsome feaceups for few of my dolls :) She's a really great customiser ^^
    3. Goku painted my moon. He looks SUPERB!
      She's great to deal with, very professional *^__^*
    4. Goku did an awesome faceup of my Bobobie Apollo. He looks gorgeous! :D
      She's very talented and creative :aheartbea Great person to deal with ^^
    5. Goku painted my moon, Dean..he looks awesome! Goku is very talented person and works very proffesional. Thanks hon!
    6. She did make-up on my boy, Heikki. He looks awesome now! ^^
    7. She bought a kanzashi piece from great person to deal with, very friendly. Thank you hun and until next time I hope!
    8. gokunobaka did a faceup for my soony. I recieved progress pictures during it and was asked for my opinions which I thought was really nice. She was shipped back to me in great condition and very safely. My soony has one of my favourite commissioned faceup I have had! Thanks so much <3
    9. She did great job repainting my doll, Kalix. <3
      Now, he looks awesome and I'm glad that I asked Goku for a nwe make-up for my boy. :3
      Sometimes, I had to wait some time beore she replied :< But excluding that, everything was perfect. <3
      Thanks you. ^^
    10. I've bought a Crobidoll Lance head from her.
      I'm 100% satisfied^^
      She sent it out really quickly, she was really quick with replying to my questions and she was really kind:)

      Thank you!
    11. ++++positive++++
      gokunobaka bought the RuddyPeach Glass Eyes from me.
      Nice buyer and fast payment~Highly recommend~^O^/

      I hope I will trade with you again. Thanks~m(_ _)m
    12. gokunobaka is an awesome person to deal with! Bought a head from her and it came in perfect condition. Shhe is fast with replies and is honest about her items! I look forward to doing business with her again .