Feedback for Goldiewing

Mar 7, 2018

    1. Hi there!
      Please feel free to leave me your feedback here. I'd appreciate your opinion!
      Thank you!
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    2. I sold a Peakswoods Segi head to @goldiewing and the transaction was smooth from start to finish. Communication was pleasant and prompt, she paid immediately, and let me know when the head arrived safely. Thank you so much for a pleasant transaction! <3
    3. Positive Transaction

      Goldiewing bought some eyes and a wig from me and it was a flawless transaction. Payment was immediate, communication was excellent and I was updated when they arrived. Excellent buyer! Thanks!
    4. Goldiewing brought a shirt from me. Smooth transaction, fast payment, and great communication. I highly recommend. Would not mind doing business with again. Thanks!
    5. Goldiewing purchased an F40 head from me. Wonderful transaction, communication was perfect and payment was prompt. Thanks’
    6. Goldiewing bought a Soom Chalco and I cannot be more pleased that he's found a loving home!! Payment was prompt and great communication. Thank you!
    7. I bought a DZ Hermit head from goldiewing, and despite the troubles with COVID-19 slowing down shipping, goldiewing was super patient with me and my worries, and my girl arrived yesterday all safe and sound! I'd highly recommend goldiewing; communication is key and they were fabulous through and through.

      Thank you so much for everything!