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Feedback for GoodbyeKitty173

Aug 25, 2008

    1. I've had a transaction with GoodbyeKitty173 but could not find a feedback thread, so I made this one.

      Neutral feedback

      This is the first time I've given neutral feedback to someone.

      I sold a dress I had comissioned for my DOT girl to GoodbyeKitty173 and she paid quickly. I sent out the dress and deleted the information in my sales thread, as it was sold and shipped (it was clearly mentioned that the dress was for DOT girls and CP mature bust girls).

      Two weeks later, I received the dress back, but not as a 'return to sender', but in a new enveloppe. There was no note in the package so I sent GoodbyeKitty173 a PM asking why she had sent back the dress. She told me that since the dress did not fit her doll, she had returned it to me.
      I didn't appreciate not getting any PM before the dress was sent back (she told me she could not remember my username), because I would have told her that no return was possible for it and that the dress size was clearly mentioned.

      I did not offer a refund for the dress, as she was not entitled to one, but I did send back the dress paying shipping again from my own pocket this time. GoodbyeKitty173 did not even offer to cover the fees of her mistake.

      I'm not happy with the way GoodbyeKitty173 handled this transaction and I'd prefer not dealing with her again, unless I make sure that the sales terms are perfectly clear.
    2. Excellent transaction with GoodbyeKitty173 who purchased some YoSD outfits from me. Payment was quick and communication was good throughout the transaction and she let me know once the outfits arrived. I would not hesitate to do business with her again. Thanks,
    3. Great transaction with GoodbyeKitty173 :) She purchased a Puki Mary from me. She was very good at keeping me up-to-date during the transaction, and told me when Mary arrived. Thanks!!
    4. Awesome transaction with GoodbyeKitty173! She was very patient and understanding even though the package took so long to reach her. Thank you! <3
    5. GoodbyeKitty173 bought doll eyes from me. She paid quickly and let me know when the package arrived. A pleasure to do business with.
    6. GoodbyeKitty173 bought a suwarriko body from me. She paid really fast and had great communications. Excellent buyer!
    7. She bought doll eyes from me, easy to deal with and good communication ^^ Thanks!
    8. GoodbyeKitty173 joined my GO ^^ I think it was her first but she handled it well XD, was easy to work with and let me know once the items arrived. ^^
    9. Goodbyekitty173 purchased a Volks TaeII outfit from me. Everything went really smooth!! She kept everything updated, paid promptly and was/is a very great person to do business with!! Thank you so much for this wonderful transaction!! I recommend Goodbyekitty173!!!
    10. Goodbyekitty173 was great to deal with and I would do so again! She is an excellent buyer, I highly recommend her to any one who is thinking of dealing with her!
      Thank you very much Goodbyekitty173:)

      Myrtle in CA
    11. Sold a soulkid Miryu head to Goodbyekitty173. She was great to deal with and everything went smoothly.
      Definitely a positive transaction.
    12. Goodbyekitty173 bought a pair of eyes from me and the transaction was super smooth. She let me know when the goods arrive, thanks for that! :D

    13. GoodbyeKitty173 purchased a pair of Soom eyes from me. She paid quickly and let me know that they arrived safe and sound. Great transaction all the way around!
    14. Had a great transaction with GoodbyeKitty173! She purchased a set of SD stocking from me and paid quickly as well as was polite and courteous with her PMs. Thanks so much!

      DMM :kitty2
    15. Sold an outfit set to GoodbyeKitty173 . An absolute wonder to work with. Payment was almost instantaneously. Definitely a A+++++++ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    16. I sold some clothing to GoodbyeKitty173 and was paid quickly and she let me know when it arrived safely. It was a smooth transaction all around and I would be happy to deal with her again! A++++
    17. GoodbyeKitty173 bought some MSD clothes from me and she was awesome to do business with. Pleasant and great communication. So sorry your very first feedback is the one it is. So hope people read down and see that you are a good trader.
    18. Smooth transaction and she quickly paid, would happily sell to her again :D
    19. I sold a Volks SDC underwear set to GoodbyeKitty173. Fast payment, good communication, I am happy with the transaction and would deal with her again. :)
    20. GoodbyeKitty173 purchased from me recently and was awesome to deal with! Thank you so much for a great transaction :).