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Feedback for GoroChaggi

Jul 31, 2010

    1. Please post your feedback for me here! :)

      Thank you!
    2. GoroChaggi bought a tiny off me and everything went perfectly! She was friendly, professional, and paid promptly. Thank you for a wonderful transaction!
    3. Excellent transaction with GogoChaggi who purchased a Karsh head from me. Payment was fast and communication was great. A perfect buyer. Thank you!!
    4. GoroChaggi recently traded her BF SF Hana for my DOC Si. She was great to deal with! Everything went smoothly and her communication was great!

      I would trade/deal with again!

      Thanks so much!
    5. GoroChaggi bought a pair of msd shoes from -- great to deal with! Thank you again :D
    6. I bought a pair of eyes from GoroChaggi - they were well packaged and she shipped very fast and had great communication! Great seller!
    7. I bought a DOC Si from GoroChaggi by layaway. Was a pleasure to deal with and great communication! Si was packaged very well and arrived very quickly after ship out. Great seller!! I would definitely do business with her in the future ^_^
    8. GoroChaggi purchased a MNF head from me and is a teriffic buyer! Communication is always returned promptly and payment was made almost immediately. She let me know when the head had arrived safe and sound. Thank you for a smooth transaction!
    9. GoroChaggi purchased a wig from me- her communication was always prompt & friendly, and she paid very fast- I would gladly deal with GoroChaggi again, thanks so much for an excellent transaction :D !
    10. I sold GoroChaggi a MNF Luka. Perfect buyer. Great communication, fast payment, and very sweet person! <333
    11. I participated in her Luts GO. She is a fantastic group order runner and is great when it comes to communication! I would happily join one of her GO's again! Thanks so much. ^^
    12. GoroChaggi's Luts Group Order may have been her first, but it was also one of the best GOs I've ever been part of. Could not have gone smoother on her part. And she packed the items REALLY WELL. Very impressed. Would come back any time. Thank you!
    13. I was a part of GoroChaggi's first Luts group order which she ran beautifully. She was on top of the process every step of the way, and kept the thread updated and informative with the whole progress of the order. She was prompt with invoices and shipping and I would gladly be a part of any future group orders she may run. Thank you!
    14. I too was part of GoroChaggi's Luts group order. She kept us up to date and prompt with invoices and shipping. I look forward to being in another of her group orders. Thanks again!
    15. Positive Feedback: I participated in Goro Chaggi's first ever group order (ordered from Luts), and it couldn't have gone more smoothly! Goro Chaggi posted frequent updates in the thread, and was totally receptive to communication. My little item was packaged beautifully, and I would definitely participate in her group orders in the future.

      Thanks again! :)
    16. I was also part of GoroChaggi's Lut's group order. It ran very smoothly, she gave us progress updates and I received my item quickly after the order had reached her. I would participate in another one of her group orders in the future :)!
    17. I participated in a Luts group order hosted by GoroChaggi. I'm very happy with the whole transaction! This was her first group order and she was very well organized, communicated very clearly as well as promptly and kept everyone updated! She was more than pleasant to do business with and I would do so again!
    18. I participated in the Luts GO ran by gorochaggi. I did not feel it went as smoothly as other GOs I've participated in, but when I had doubts she was very quick to respond to me.

      This was her first GO, I believe, so I'm sure it was a learning experience. I did get all of my stuff so alls well that ends well ^_^
    19. GoroChaggi participated in a GO I hosted and was a very encouraging participant for my first GO. She answered PM's and sent payments qucikly and was generally a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again for joining. :D ~Astolat
    20. GoroChaggi bought a shirt and pair of shorts from our last update. Quick with payment and so nice to deal with. Highly recommended buyer. Thanks so much.
      ~Lee Ann