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Feedback for Gothbarbie3

Aug 29, 2008

    1. HI

      Please post your feedback on transactions with me here :)
      Many Thanks

      (Also, if you need it, my user ID on e-bay is "gothbarbie3" you can check my feedback there as well.)
    2. Muhahaha first dips >.> I trade my Dark soo for her lovely elf boy, communation is super and of course it must be fate, since we both got our darling on the same day :) would love to do business again!
    3. sold some shoes to her. fast payment let me know when they arrived would gladly sale to again.
    4. All around fantastic buyer! I sold her my MiniFee body, and received fast payment, quick to leave feedback; she was also very great to correspond with, and I am so glad the doll went to a good home :).
    5. Gothbarbie3 was a participant in my Fairyland group order and everything went swell even though I forgot about her for a while. ^^;; She was very understanding and once I remembered about her, everything went through smoothly. Communication was well kept and the invoice was paid quickly. I really appreciate it and wouldn't hesitate to work with her again! I definitely recommend her~

      :clover Thank you for being so wonderfully understanding!! :clover
    6. I purchased an absolutely fantastic hand-made outfit from her, and the transaction was among my best experiences in online purchasing to date. Her service is extremely fast and friendly, and she is always willing to answer questions and to deal with any potential problems that arise. I would do the whole thing all over again in a heartbeat. Thanks for everything!
    7. I purchased an adorable 1/3 pirate outfit from her. It arrived today very quickly. Cute Outfit. Very nice great to work with. A+ seller would buy from her again.
    8. shipped fast and was very nice to talk to!! would definitly buy from her again!
    9. I got my outfit from gothbarbie3 today. It's awesome and was offered for a great price! Thanks!!!
    10. I bought a set of YO-SD pajamas from GothBarbie3. She kept in touch every step of the way, shipped quickly and the clothes were just too adorable!
    11. i bought a couple pairs of pajama pants from gothbarbie and she was very pleasant to deal with. she kept a hawk's eye on my items while they were in transit and was VERY on top of everything!

      she's definitely trustworthy and on my to-buy-from-again list. when entering a transaction with her, you have absolutely nothing to worry about!
    12. Shes great :D all my questions were answered quickly, and i received my item within a matter of days~! I didnt smell any smoke at all and there wasnt any cat hair lol. I would definately bu from her again :aheartbea


    13. Urk, that last little part i got confused :doh i bought something from another seller who mentioned they had cats and had smokers in the house! *_* sorry about the mix up...*face palms*
    14. Bought two lovely handmade outfits from her-- very reasonable prices, good quality, excellent communication! Absolutely wonderful to deal with. Thank you so much!
    15. I bought four outfits from Gothicbarbie, and they have arrived quickly in great condition. They are absolutely fabulous!
    16. I purchased and SD13 size leather jacket from gothbarbie3 and everything went perfectly! The jacket arrived quickly and was exactly as described, I highly recommend her! ^_^
    17. I very highly recommend gothbarbie3, I ordered a 60 cm Elena/Apollo Hybrid and she was very good about answering all my questions! She also was very willing to make sure that your experience with her was a very pleasant one. Zero (the doll) came this morning and he had clothes for not only him but for my two MSD dolls that I told her about during the wait. She held him patiently and checked in with me every once in a while. She's very fun to talk to and made sure everything went smoothly. We literally got the doll 4 days after the money was gathered and sent to her(It was one day late thanks to the mailmen >.<) She is defiantly on my list of sellers I would like to buy from again.
      If your thinking about buying something from her I can assure you that it will be a pleasant experience and you will most likely become friends with her <3

      Thanks again!
    18. I bought three SD sized clothing items from Gothbarbie3! Everything fit perfectly, was packaged so well, & she even sent me a little dollie gift & a card! It is DoA Members like her that make all the difference here in the Marketplace! Thanks so much, I will so be back for more clothes!!!:D:D:D
    19. I was so pleased with my last (recent) purchase, that when Gothbarbie3 added more items, I jumped at the chance to buy more! Gothbarbie3 is the sweeteset person to deal with, & answered all of my silly questions, I would not hesitat to buy from Gothbarbie3 again! I love my new clothes! Thanks so much!:D:D:D P.S. I will be back!;)
    20. I just bought a Monique Jojo wig from gothbarbie3.

      The transaction went very well!

      - Communication was great
      - Shipping was faster than expected
      - Shipping cost was lower than expected, and I got $5 refunded
      - Very honest seller (see above $5 refund)
      - The item is as described

      Thank you for the positive transaction! :):):)