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Feedback For Gothic-Diurnal-Hime

Jul 2, 2011

    1. Hi!! I'm Gothic-Diurnal-Hime!! If I bought something from you, can you please leave me your feedback? Thank you!!
    2. I am happy to be the first one to leave a feedback for the lovely Gothic-Diurnal-Hime , please leave your feedback too:aheartbea

      Gothic-Diurnal-Hime purchased one Leeke Cutie Ent Limited from. She is a angel, we had a very pleasant transaction. She's very easy to get along with, has a flawless sense of communication and sent payment exactly when she said she would. I would do business with her again without hesitation~~~~~

      ♥[ Thank you so much!! ]♥​
    3. Gothic-Diurnal_Hime bought a MNF dress from me. She paid quickly and maintained great communications! It was a perfect transaction. She is a very friendly and reliable buyer, highly recommended!!!
    4. Sold a pair of glass eyes to Gothic-Diurnal-Hime. She was quick to pay and was very patient when complications happened with shipping. Great buyer! c:
    5. Gothic-Diurnal-Hime bought a pair of 14mm glass eyes from me. A perfect transaction and a pleasure to deal with!

      Thank you!
    6. Sorry for the late Feedback!
      POSITIVE :) she asked me for a commission, everything went nice!
      Thank You <3 !
    7. I bought a Kid Dollmore body from Gothic. She is an absolute pleasure to deal with.
      Very friendly and fast service. Thanks for the extra goodies! :chocoberry:dance:bcupcake
    8. Gothic-Diurnal-Hime bought some YOSD clothes from me. Communication was excellent and payment was sent super fast. Thanks so much!
    9. Gothic-Diurnal-Hime purchased some MSD leggings/pants from me. She paid quickly and let me know as soon as they arrived. Perfect transaction, couldn't ask for more. Thank you so much!
    10. Gothic-Diurnal-Hime purchased some MSD clothes from me. Fast payment and excellent communication as always. She even let me know when the clothes arrived! Always a pleasure doing business with, thank you!!!
    11. I sold a head to Gothic-Diurnal-Hime. She paid promptly and let me know when the item arrived. Many thanks for a smooth transaction!
    12. I painted a head for Gothic-Diurnal-Hime and she was amazing to work with! I am so happy she was kind enough to give me a shot. She is super fast at replying and payments and is just overall wonderful. I would very highly recommend her! :D
    13. Gothic-Diurnal-Hime purchased a Minifee outfit from me. Transaction and communcation was excellent. She's is very friendly and paid fast! I'd definitely sell to her again. Thanks so much again! :D
    14. I'm a bit of a GDH fangirl... I always enjoy seeing her on the threads, and it's a treat to do business with her.

      This time I lucked out and snagged a gorgeous pair of Gumdrop eyes from her, and they arrived several days ahead of schedule! Communication was the expected friendly and speedy pleasure, and the price was (obviously) just right! I look forward to doing business with her again in the future! Thanks!!
      • x 1
    15. I bought a Feeple60 Lishe head from Gothic-Diurnal-Hime and the entire transaction was flawless. She was patient, friendly, and shipped quickly. The head was packaged very well, and sent safely in a lovely box I will now be storing dolly clothes in! Highly recommended seller!
      Thank you so much!
    16. Gothic-Dirunal-Hime was amazing to work with. She participated in one of My G.O's and though MOC took a while to come back with the body she was extremely patient. But what she was extremely loved for was the entire month that it took to get her the neck piece that I had to order separate because another order had not yet come in. Something I completely apologize for. But she was patient, understanding and an amazing person to work with, would really hope to work with her again though I will be stopping G.O's as the companies are just getting to hard to work with :/

      Sincerely and with my deepest apologizes. You were a great customer.
    17. Sold a Sooney MNF head to Gothic-Dirunal-Hime. She was nice to deal with. She let me know when the head arrived and I am happy to know she liked it even more. It will be my pleasure to deal with her in the future.
    18. GDH bought a soom Ai head from a a little while back but I forgot to leave feedback! x_x Everything went swell aside from shipping setbacks on my part! I would definitely do business with her again!!! <3
    19. i bought a Leekeworld cutie kiel ent from Gothic-Dirunal-Hime and the transaction couldn't have gone smoother. Communication was spectacular, she was very accommodating with the layaway i requested, and she sent me extra photos of the doll when i asked for them. She is an awesome seller and i would do business with her again any time! thank you!
    20. I bought a latea head back and everything went fabulously! The head back fits nicely and she is a pleasure to speak to!