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Feedback for Gothic Hydran126

Oct 23, 2007

    1. Got my carrier from Gothic and it was shipped super super fast. I did a trade with her. Expect a full report on it in the coming days.

      I took the carrier to a local dollmeet up. It held up good on the car ride in a cramped trunk with severl other doll bags. My dolls is a MNF shiwoo/DOC body. It fit good inside the carrier and my volks MSd kohaku fit as well. I did not get to try it on any other dolls but I am pretty sure A dollmore kid could get in there as well.

      It very well made and is very comfortable to carry on your back. The only improvement I would change on the whole thing is the lockinging part is made of thin material and I would use somthing stronger to hold the box close the brass is too soft.

      I give her carrier a 9.5 out of 10. I would defently buy a SD size one from her should she make them. Very Very good carrier.

      I will try and take pic of my doll in the carrier my batteries died like 5 mins ago.
    2. Bought a DZ boy MSD body from Gothic_Hydran126. She had great communication. She shipped super fast (next day) and body was just as described and mint!!! PERFECT transaction. highly recommended and trustworthy... would buy from again!! :D
    3. I bought a doll sofa from Gothic_Hydran126, and it's wonderful!! The transaction was smooth and the sofa was shipped out very quickly. It looks great! I love the colors, and my dollies are very pleased with it as well!!!! Woot, thankyou so much for your professionalism and speed!!
    4. Gothic_Hydran126 took part in my second Shoes & Boots group order and despite a small hiccup on the part of the company, all went well. Payments were made promptly and communication was well kept. She's very patient and understanding and I wouldn't ever hesitate to do business with her again in the future. :)

      :clover Thank you for participating in this group order! I hope that your experience was a pleasant one! :clover
    5. I bought a table for MSD made by Gothic_Hydran126. It's wonderfully made! It was shipped quickly and very safely. Gothic_Hydran126 replied promptly to my questions and did an excellent followup during the transaction. I recommend her to all serious buyers and I would do business with her again. Thank you :)
    6. Gothic_Hydran126 also participated in my fifth Glass Eyes group order and even with a mistake in her order, we had another pleasant and easy transaction. Extremely understanding and patient, I truly appreciate the chance to work with her yet again.

      :bcake:pcake Thank you so much for your patience and understanding! :pcake:bcake
    7. gothic_hydran126 took part in my volks go. it was a perfect transaction with fast payment and great communication! thanks!
    8. Third time dealing with Gothic_Hydran126 and my opinions regarding them have yet to be swayed. This time, she participated in my sixth Pale Blossoms Glass Eyes group order run and what else can I say that hasn't been said already? In what is becoming a trend, she was was just amazing to work with and everything went through smooth and easily, just how I like it to. I would do business with them again without hesitation.

      :pcake:bcake Thankies!! :bcake:pcake
    9. I made an outfit for Gothic Hydran126 and she was wonderful, good communication and a clear idea of what she wanted, which is always nice when you're making something for someone, and she let me know when it arrived. I would certainly recommend doing business with her ^_^

    10. Gothic Hydran126 ran a split for me for her Iplehouse Tedros. She was nice enough to contact Iplehouse and have them add the outfit I wanted to her order, was prompt with her communications, shipped quickly, and was all around an absolute pleasure to work with. I am so thankful because I wanted the outfit so badly and she was really excellent about the entire process. I highly recommend her and would definitely work with her again.

      Thanks again!
    11. I was briefly a part of Gothic_Hydran126's VolksUSA GO. The item I wanted was causing errors in the cart and she kindly asked Volks about the problem before continuing on with the GO. The item was out of stock and Gothic_hydran126 was very apologetic about the whole thing. She quickly refunded me the money.
      While I did not go through with the GO, Gothic_hydran126 was very sweet and understanding throughout the whole process and I would gladly join one of her GOs again :) She was really fast with her communication and kept the GO updated frequently.
    12. I partcitpated in a Volks USA GO that Gothic_Hydran126 ran. Communication was wonderful. Everything went very smooth and shipping was super fast.

      I hope all the GO I join are as well ran as this one.
    13. I just participated in a Volksusa.com group order by Gothic Hydran126. She kept us informed all the way through, and was very prompt and efficient in shipping! The status was updated immediately on her group order thread as well, for ease in knowing where we were at.

      Great! Would definitely work with her again in any group order!

      God bless!

    14. I participated in a Volks USA GO that was ran by Gothic Hydran126 and everything went great! Great communication and kept us updated all the way. Thank you for running this GO.
    15. I also participated in Gothic_Hydran's Volks GO :] Communication was excellent, her updates were prompt, and my package arrived very quickly and packaged safely~ I'd definitely join another GO from her ^^

      I couldn't have gotten my items from volks without this GO. Thanks so much, I truly appreciate it!
    16. I was in Gothic_Hydran's Volks GO as well. The updates were wonderful, and everything seemed to have been sorted and shipped out very quickly. Thanks again!
    17. I was part of Gothic_Hydran's Volks go too and i must say this has been a great GO! Quick updates, always communication in time and very friendly! I hope all GO'S can be like this one. A totally A Plus.
    18. I also was part of Gothic_Hydran's Volks GO and she ran it flawlessly. Great communication, and shipping was super quick. I highly recommend her!
    19. POSITIVE as a GO leader. she really was the best group order leader i've dealt with so far - everything went perfectly, thanks!