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Feedback for Gothic Pixie>>>>>>

Jun 29, 2007

    1. Hi there I am very happy to be the first to start a feedback for Gothic pixie who bought a doll from me and is total sweetie to deal with very responsive and paid super fast, and is a 1st class buyer and DOA member. I would recommend her to everyone and would jump at the chance to dela with her again.

      Huge thanks for buying from me.

      Dollfie hugs Stasie (((>.o)))
    2. Gothic Pixie is a pleasure to do business with. She bought a Naripon from me and she paid quickly and communicates very well. I highly recommend her as a buyer and would do business again with her in a second! :daisy
    3. I have dealt with Gothic Pixie twice now, the first time she was an absolute pleasure to deal with. She sent her cheque speedily, and kept in contact the whole time. The second time was also wonderful, again, payment arrived promptly (this time through paypal, you can be confident in using either method), and communication has been great. I would very happily reccommend Nat, she's a fab buyer! thanks again!
    4. I just sold a body O.O LOL to GothicPixie and she was lovely to deal with all the way through...paid up quickly, kept in touch, was always friendly and just a pleasure to deal with in every way!

      Thank you very much! :fangirl::fangirl::fangirl:
    5. Pixie Bought from me my lovely Puki Pipi :) She was really lovely to deal with :) She was always very friendly :) she paid very quicly :) I would like to have more buyers like her :)
    6. GothicPixie purchased a WS pukisha Transformation Face from me for her puki.
      A very sweet person to work with. Sent payment very fast. Wonderful communication. Just a pleasure :chocoberryThank you! :)
    7. I bought a body from Gothic Pixie, and the entire deal was a complete joy :D
      (and that sentence sound so weird *lol*)

      The body is perfect, the transaction went as smooth as anyone can hope for, and packing and shipping was GREAT !!
      The fact that the box traveled with the speed of lightning (2 days from UK to Norway :o) was just a super bonus for,
      me and my floating head, and I'm so thrilled with everything !!
      I can highly recommend Gothic Pixie, very easy and sweet person to deal with, and service minded to her fingertips ;)

      Thank you so much for a pleasant and smooth transaction, and a beautiful body :aheartbea
    8. Positive!
      Gothic pixie bought from me a puki piki modified faceplate... smooth transaction , quick payment and excellent communications.
      thank you!
    9. I have just sold a Dollshe body to Gothic Pixie and she was a delight to deal with. Lightening quick payment and excellent communication. An absolute darling.
    10. I sold a choker to Gothic Pixie. Payment was fast and the transaction was complete very quickly- A pleasure to deal with! ^^
    11. I just adopted a new little chap from Gothic pixie and it was an absolute pleasure to buy from her. My little man arrived super fast and in perfect condition :love Thank you Nat :)
    12. I sold some shoes to Gothic Pixie, a delightful transaction in every way.
      Nat is a treasure to deal with and just super nice:)
      Thank you.:aheartbea:aheartbea
    13. I sold to GothicPixie and she was wonderful to work with, thanks for the perfect transaction!
    14. Gothic Pixie just bought a shirt from me and she was as wonderful to deal with as usual. Lightening quick payment and wonderful communication. She a loverly laydeeee!!!
    15. Gothic Pixie has been in about three of my FL GOs (Guesstimate it really feels about so XD) She's awesome XD I even feel she went as far as to claimed something in a split just to help it go through <3 and I really like working with Gothic Pixie :3 Its always a pleasure and I look forward to working with her again~!
    16. Gothic Pixie is a lovely lovely buyer. She purchased a Nuada Minimee from me and was an absolute joy to work with. Prompt and very friendly pms , super fast payment and she was kind enough
      to let me know immediately that he had arrrived safe and sound. Sell to her with absolute confidence!!!
      She is great.
    17. very pleasant to deal with and just a wonderful all-around person. Paid promptly and let me know the moment she arrived. :)
    18. Lovely Gothic Pixie took part in my Dollmore GO and was absolutely brilliant. Paid quickly, took part in our little forum chats and helped make this GO incredibely successful anf fun o run. THANKYOU!
    19. Sold a body to gothic pixie, very quick and friendly replys, fast payment, great to deal with! x
    20. i sold a couple of heads to Gothic Pixie.... a most pleasant transaction. she answered PM promptly, paid immediately, and kept me updated along the way..... a real pleasure to deal with..... great buyer.