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Feedback for Gothikgrrl

Oct 26, 2009

    1. I figure I'll need one of these :sumomo:
    2. Gothikgrrl participated in my very first Souldoll group order and everything went well. There were a few snags in the road, but nothing that wasn't taken care of right away with ease. She kept up her end of communication very well and sent payments in quickly. All in all, we had a wonderful transaction and I'd be more than willing to deal with her again.

      :bcake:pcake Thank you! :pcake:bcake
    3. Gothikgrrl participated in my recent Leekeworld group order. Was great to work with, very friendly and quick communication and payments. Thank you again for your participation!
    4. Gothikgrrl took place in my Spiritdoll GO for grey resin. She was a sweetie to work with and always kept me up to date about everything that was going on. I loved working together and highly reccommend her!

      Thanks Gothikgrrl :)
    5. Taylor purchased my Delphine by layaway. She is a wonderful person who kept me updated every step of the way. I enjoyed chatting with her and I am so happy that Delphine went to someone who will love her as much as I do. Thanks for a smooth transaction. :aheartbea
    6. Gothikgrrl bought a doll body from me on layaway. She is absolutely superb to deal with, very timely with all payments and communication! I'd highly recommend her as a great buyer! Thanks so much! :)
    7. Gothikgrrl commisioned me :) She paid fast, and the communication was good. I highly reccommend her! Thank you ^^
    8. Great transaction with Gothikgrrl who purchased some Cuprit horns from me on layaway. Payments were as agreed and communication was excellent. A perfect buyer. Thank you!
    9. Gothikgrrl purchased one set of Amber's dress from me. The transaction gose smoothly. Great communication with quick payment. She is very nice. I will absolutely willing to deal with her again. wonderful buyer~ ^__^
    10. Gothikgrrl commisioned me to faced her dolls . It's a great an pretty smooth transaction. :D
      Gothikgrr really a sweet person to talk with. I love to dealing more with her. :)
      Thank you so much....
    11. Gothikgrrl bought some custom doll eyes from me and she is a pleasure to work with, fast payment, great communication!! Very highly recommended ^__^ Thank you!!!
    12. Gothikgrrl purchased a Monique wig from me. Communication was excellent, payment was timely, and I was let know when it arrived. A perfect transaction. Thanks!
    13. She purchased a doll from me, using the layaway option. All the payments were done on time, and she was patiently waiting for me to finish the doll's tattoo! I am very glad to hear the doll arrive safe and sound. Positive feedback <3 <3
    14. Gothikgrrl was a participant in my twenty-third Leekeworld group order and was a joy to do business with. Payment were sent along quickly and communication was well kept from their end. Yet another lovely transaction completed and I would happily work with them again in the future~

      Thank you for your participation in this order!! :D
    15. Gothikgrrl bought me a doll : perfect transaction , very good layaway
      thanks a lot
    16. Gothikgrrl bought me beryl horns x) all was perfect and she was kind enough to let me know when she received them x) Thank you so much, i would deal with her again without doubts ;D
    17. Gothikgrrl had took an commission outfit from my workshop ^^
      Commissioncation very well, she had very clearly knew what she want.
      Recommend buyer ^^
      Welcome again
    18. I have to unfortunately leave flakey buyer feedback for Gothikgrrl. Sorry that this is so wordy.

      Back in very late April Gothikgrrl contacted me about the Angell-Stuido Carina I had up for sale. She needed a layaway that would finish late June, and I agreed to this. The beginning of the transaction went very smoothly, she was pretty good about being in contact and paid the deposit when she said she would. There was a mention about getting more money from other outlets, and even a date when she'd send another payment but then she vanished. So during the time of the original layaway I received no more payments nor contact. I actually tried contacting her, but made the unfortunate choice of using my phone which has always been a bit finicky with DoA. This means that within that time she never got a PM from me, and that is completely my fault for not double checking.

      Well, finally in the beginning of June I successful send a PM and she responds to it within a few days. She mentions some things happened in her life, but that she wants to continue the layaway and asks for an extension. I'm of course very willing to do this as I trust she'll pay it off.

      She vanishes again. I wait in hopes she'll contact me or send payment and I receive nothing. I would have been more understanding but you'd think after someone gives you an extension you'd at least try to improve the transaction? Try to stay in contact? But it was just silence the entire time. She had given payment dates and I expected her to follow those but they just passed by without notice. Finally, I decide I'll give her a official "end of layaway" date. This message was sent late July, and was responded to fairly quickly considering. At this point I warned of giving flakey buyer feedback so that could have been the cause of actually receiving contact. The date I asked for was August 15th, as she had stated she'd pair her off "in the second week of august." She then requested to wait till the 24th, and so I extended that to the 25th at Midnight PDT/PST. (Technically the 26th then.)

      She sounded like she was going to pay for her at a point, but then said something about the bank being weird and paypal...and then vanished yet again. I sent a few PMs asking what happened and later warnings that her layaway would be up and this was her last chance to pay it off, but nothing. Not a peep. The 25th came and passed, and nothing as well. And with that I considered our transaction over. She agreed to terms and didn't keep them, but I think the worst of all was just the fact she left me hanging. I can understand real life things taking time and you need to focus on those, but then don't ask for a layaway you have no intention of completing or simply can't because of financial reasons. It is unfair to leave a seller waiting for you when they could be searching for another buyer.

      If you are going to sell something to Gothikgrrl I would recommend aiming to avoid layaway. Her contact was pretty much non-existent. She made a lot of empty promises and just skipped on finishing this transaction entirely. So, trek with caution.
    19. I'd made a commission for Gothikgrrl. She showed me pictures with design she wanted and explained very clearly. Communication was good and transaction was fast. And I'm so happy to hear that you like my work!
      I'll be very glad to have a deal again =)
    20. Gothikgrrl is a very kind buyer, payment was very fast!! She payed in full, and she always reply with kindness. Friendly conversation and fast reply to all my questions.