Feedback for GracefulWings

May 12, 2017

    1. Please leave me feedback here!
    2. GracefulWings bought a pair of glass eyes from me. Wonderful buyer with prompt replies and payment. A pleasure to trade with! Thank you and hope you like the eyes! :)
    3. I sold a pair of glass eyes to GracefulWings, and the transaction was overall great. They were quick to pay, great with communication, and courteous and friendly in their dealings. Thank you so much for buying from me!
    4. GracefulWings was a member of my Fall Harvest Swap and was an excellent participant! I would gladly have GracefulWings in any future swaps I host as well as recommend him to any other swap hosts. Thank you! :)
    5. Positive Transaction

      GracefulWings bought my Asleep Eidolon Chocolate in a partial trade with layaway. Payments were all early, communication was fast and friendly, we shipped as agreed, and I was notified that the doll arrived safely. Thanks!
    6. GracefulWings bought a Luts event head from me. Communication was always prompt and everything was great! Thanks for a smooth transaction!
    7. I joined GracefulWings' Souldoll split and he allowed me to place the order and have the full doll shipped to me first to save shipping costs. He's very accommodating and responds quickly! Thank you for a great transaction!
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    8. GracefulWings bought a DC body from me and the transaction was flawless. He paid on time and communicated in a friendly & timely manner. I recommend him highly and looking forward to dealing with him again.