Feedback for Graciejaney

Jan 22, 2018

    1. please leave your feedback for me here :)
    2. GracieJaney bought a Littlefee faceplate from me, she paid promptly and had good communication. I would be happy to deal with her again :)
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    3. @Graciejaney purchased a Littlefee faceplate from me. Communication was super friendly, she paid immediately, and she let me know when the package arrived. I would be happy to do business with her again. Thank you! :)
    4. Graciejaney asked me for a commission for her two littlefee dolls. Working with her was excellent and without any problems. She knew what she wanted, provided a very good face-up and modifications description, and was very friendly and communicative! I couldn't ask for more! Thank you :D
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