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Feedback for Grael

Apr 14, 2007

    1. I didn't find a feedback thread for Grael so I've started this one for her. If you've had transactions with her also, please add to this!

      Grael bought two dolls from me and was a pleasure to deal with. Good communication, paid quickly - thank you, Grael!
    2. I bought a wig from grael and the transaction went very smoothly. I will be buying from her again. Thank you grael.
    3. I purchased a wig from Grael during this last sale and it was shipped very quickly! Thanks!
    4. I sold a doll to Grael, she paid extremely fast and I am very happy with this transaction. She's a really nice person ^^
    5. I bought 3 wigs from Greal, they arrived very fast.
      one was in a different size then what I had orderd, when I emailed her about this, she sent me a new one in the right size without extra costs! thats really great service!
      quick response to emails, and questions, and very kind!

      buying from Greal was great!!
    6. Posted up a WTB for a wig, Grael contacted me and I had the wig super fast!

      Thanks! :)
    7. Grael bought a Dollga wig from me. Transaction was perfectly smooth. Definitely recommended.

      Thank you!
    8. Another flawless transaction with Grael:). Always a pleasure to deal with!
    9. I adopted a K-doll from Grael^^ She was such a sweetie to deal with, sent me nice PMs and shipped the doll out, well packed, in no time! Couldn't ask for a nicer seller! Thank you! :)
    10. I bought a Jpop wig...I love the hair itself but it was shipped in a plastic baggie and was a mess by the time it got to me...and the part and the trim is crooked :(

      but payment and shipping was smooth and prompt...
    11. I ordered 2 Jpop wigs from Grael, and only received one. When I came online, I had gotten an email stating that I was refunded for one of the wigs, and a message stating that one of the wigs wasn't in-stock when I ordered it.

      I'm glad for the refund, but I'd rather have the wig since when I ordered it, the website said that it was in-stock.

      The wig that I did receive is very cute, and I can't wait for my little girl to get here so she can wear it.
    12. sorry about the out of stock, but here is what happens. People order the wigs, then for one reason or another they don't pay through the site. They go to their paypal and pay there. The cart keeps the wig instock when really it is gone. We have to go in manually and put 0 in to the amount. Between the time we catch it and someone buys the wig again it can be a few hours. Especially when the orders happen overnight, we don't see it till morning.

      With the new site, we hope to correct this.
    13. The Jpop wig I ordered from Grael arrived promptly. It was wrapped securely with a hairnet, and tucked into a twist of cardboard....and then into a baggie. Very pleased with this transaction! At one point, I realized I had not taken advantage of a '30% discount' sale~~I contacted Grael, and my paypal acct was immediately credited!

      Thank you, Grael! A+++
    14. I bought a few wigs from Greal (Jpop) over the years off ebay and direct from her website. She is the most Amazing, Responsible, "Hold On To Her Words" seller. Smooth transactions and great communications always .. especially when there are complications with the shipments. A very professional seller!!!

      A+++++++++++ (highly recomended)
    15. I bought a wig and a pair of shoes from Grael - the wig is lovely, exactly what was wanted very soft and fits beautifully. The wrong size shoes were sent in error- Grael immediatley refunded my paypal account and said I could keep the shoes. Grael was prompt in her replies to emails and was very fair in dealing with problems . Highly recommend!!
    16. purchased an RML head from Grael! she arrived quickly and safely. Communication was great. I think should could have been packaged a smidge more carefully...but otherwise it was a wonderful transaction! thank you!
    17. I just completed a transaction with Grael for a couple of Jpop wigs that I desperately needed to complete a project. I couldn't find them and didn't realize they were discontinued. But she went the extra mile and found ONE of each leftover from non-paying eBay customers.

      Yes, just wigs. But I was just about to abandon a project for lack of the right wig (ANYWHERE) and one of the two is utterly perfect. So it's a huge, huge deal to me!

      Thank you! :)
    18. Grael bought a Fidelia's Secret Faerie from me on lay away! Her payments were made faster than she told me they would be, and she was a fun person to talk to! I'm so glad Fidelia got such a good home!

      Thank you Grael! <3
    19. purchased a darling plastic flowers Unicorn head... lovely... and a perfect transaction all around..... great seller
    20. I've purchased many, many things from Grael and have always had a marvelous transaction. She's a pleasure to do business with. My latest purchase was an Indigo Fer--it arrived today, 100% perfect, super quick and amazing. I can hardly wait to get my Limwha Luna home so she can model it.