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Feedback for gravelkitty

Apr 30, 2006

    1. She was new to our community, but directed me to her auction feedback (sterling) ... so I undertook a transaction with her for Jun Tachibana, the one doll I have always wanted with a longing that defies rationality. Emotions on my side were high and (naturally, I hope) a little anxious.

      gravelkitty was great ... she was in constant communication with me throughout. She was accommodating and patient. She shared my enthusiasm along the way. She upheld her end with flying colours.

      Yes, these big-ticket, slightly-scary exchanges do work out far more often than not. gravelkitty is the sort of person who affirms my faith in humanity, and I'm insanely grateful she is a member of this community!

    2. Thank you!!! <3
    3. Yes, god bless the kitty!! :D