Feedback for GreenTeaSlug

Feb 6, 2018

    1. If I buy or sell from you please leave me a transaction feedback :clover
    2. GreenTeaSlug bought a coat set and cat scarf from me, fast payment and friendly communication, it was a great transaction, thank you!
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    3. POSITIVE :sumomo:

      I sold GreenTeaSlug some early editions of Volks News.
      He was extremely patient and understanding when I was delayed.
      The invoice was paid nearly instantly and communication was always polite and friendly.
      I would definitely recommend doing business with GreenTeaSlug :)
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    4. I recently sold an Iplehouse Edan head to GreenTeaSlug and everything went wonderfully.
      He was very open to communication and always open to doing whatever made things easiest on both of us.
      Very friendly and easy to talk to.
      Payment was made very quickly and he let me know as soon as the package was delivered.

      I would certainly recommend.
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    5. I bought an outfit from GreenTeaSlug and it was one of the smoothest transactions I've had! He was very mindful of the shipping cost and went out of his way to minimise it for me - even swapping boxes at the last minute - and included the cutest postcard and a freebie. 10/10 for the experience!! ♥︎
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    6. I had a great transaction with GreenTeaSlug
      he was a fantastic buyer!
      he paid quick and was kind enough to let me know when he got the doll
      it was a great pleasure to deal with him
      highly recommend to everyone!
      thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    7. I sold my luts body for GreenTeaSlug. It was very nice and perfect deal. Fast payment and good commynication. A++++++++ buyer!
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    8. GreenTeaSlug commissioned me for serveral Taobao items. He is very friendly and payments are lightening fast XD
      Thank you very much, it's a pleasure working with you! :D
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    9. Sold a couple of Iplehouse outfits to GreenTeaSlug, great transactions both of them. Replied to me straight away, instant payment and very nice and easy to deal with. Let me know as soon as the outfits arrived which is always an important thing for me as I can never help having a niggling worry that something might go astray. Recommended buyer and would be very happy to deal with him again.
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    10. I sold an Iplehouse outfit to GreenTeaSlug.
      Payment was quick and communication was prompt and friendly.
      This was a great transaction and I will happily work with again :)
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    11. GreenTeaSlug is a great buyer! Paid promptly and had great communication throughout. GreenTeaSlug is a very kind and good buyer. Thank you so much~!:kitty2
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    12. Sold an outfit to GreenTeaSlug recently.
      Very friendly and communication was prompt throughout.
      Payment was done quickly too!

      Great transaction, highly recommended.
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    13. I sold a Volks sd17 Kiriko outfit to GreenTeaSlug. Payment was prompt and communication was great. He let me know when the outfits arrived and was a pleasure to do business with. Thank you! POSITIVE! :)
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    14. GreenTeaSlug bought the dress from me and in was very nice transaction. so nice person! pleasure to deal with. thank you so much!
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    15. He bought me a Dollshe Amanda in cooper oriental.
      He was very nice and the comunication was excelent.
      I´m so gratfull for her pattient.
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    16. GreenTeaSlug bought Rosenlied Limited outfit. It was a perfect transaction. Friendly and easy to work with. Super fast payment. One of the most pleasant transactions I have ever had. I HIGHLY recommend! :)
    17. GreenTeaSlug purchased 2 lace front wig and an outfit from me.
      The payment was prompt and the transaction is smooth.
      Thank you so much for the purchase! :gingerbreadman
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    18. :daisy POSITIVE FEEDBACK!! :daisy

      GreenTeaSlug purchased a Volks SD10 body from me. He was very prompt returning messages, payment was super fast, and he let me know immediately that the package arrived safely. It was a delightful transaction overall! I would gladly do business with GreenTeaSlug again. Thank you! :aheartbea:daisy
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    19. I sold Chez Masha dress to her great transaction.. she also paid very quickly.
      . it was my pleasure doing the transaction with her.. ^^
    20. I sold 3 x Chez Masha dresses to GreenTeaSlug and it was a perfect transaction in every way.
      He is a well versed dress buyer and communication was super friendly that I got to enjoy every single word of it.
      He was extremely kind, quick to respond and payment was super fast. I would highly recommend GreenTeaSlug to everyone.
      Thank you so much!!! <3:)<3