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Feedback for GreenWolfy

Oct 6, 2009

    1. Please, leave some words if we had a deal ^^
    2. so I will be the first to leave feedback:)

      ok well greenwolfy bought a limhwa elf doll from me. She is a nice contact and I sure would buy/sell from her in future. good luck with the doll.
    3. Alena bought a modded Drayton head from me, we had a few anxious moments thinking he had got lost in the Russian postal system but he turned up in the end. She paid straight away and we had excellent communication all the way, a really lovely person.
    4. GreenWolfy bought a pair of shoes from me. She was very promt in payment and we had a good communication. She told me when the item arrived as I asked her to do :)
      I highly recomment GreenWolfy as a buyer!
      Would love to do bussiness with her again!

      Thank you!
    5. :chocoberry:chocoberry:chocoberry

      Very nice buyer!

      Fast payment and great communication!

      Many thanks!

    6. GreenWolfy bought a dollheart fer from me. She was friendly to deal with and fast with payment. Would definately recommend. Thanks.
    7. Elena bought my SD17 Reisner body on a layaway. ^^ She paid on time, and then faster than scheduled. Communication is excellent, and she also let me know when the body arrived. A perfect buyer. I would be glad to do transactions with her again!! ^^ Thank you so much!!
    8. I sold a head to GreenWolfy. She was kind and understand when I had to delay shipping. She was a very good buyer and always paid on time. Thank you so much!
    9. Had a wonderful transaction with GreenWolfy. Highly recommended
    10. I commissioned GreenWolfy to paint my Soom Lupin´s faceup and I can't get over how wonderfully she captured his character! It is exactly what I wanted even though I left most of the details up to her))
      She did an amazing work and I was really pleased with the result :aheartbea I would highly recommend her!
      :cloverThank you very much! :clover
    11. GreenWolfy bought some Souldoll boots from me and she was awesome to deal with. Paid quickly and all communication was friendly :)

      Thank you for the great transaction, GreenWolfy!
    12. GreenWolfy bought a DollHeart outfit from me and was fantastic to deal with. Great communication, super friendly and quick payment. Highly recommended. Thanks again!
    13. GreenWolfy bought some clothes from me. She was friendly in communication, prompt in payment, overall a pleasure to deal with. I'd love to do business with her again!
    14. GreenWolfy purchased a Volks SD17 hand from me. She is a delight to deal with, polite, fast payment and patient.
      She has just contacted me to inform me that she has received the item and left feedback without any prompting
      Happy to deal with again
    15. GreenWolfy bought me a Peakswood Goldie.
      The transaction was perfect ^_^ . Prompt payment and very friendly communication !
      I recommend, and would not hesitate to make new deals with GreenWolfy ;).
    16. I had a great transaction with GreenWolfy
      she was a fantastic buyer!
      she paid quick and was kind enough to let me know when she got the doll
      it was a great pleasure to deal with her
      highly recommend to everyone!
      thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    17. Sold GreenWolfy an MSD Hisui~ Very prompt payment, and kept me very well informed on the item's arrival~ Nice to chat with too! Highly recommended~
    18. GreenWolfy bought some Dollheart clothing from me, an excellent buyer and perfect transaction. Communication was great, payment was quick, very friendly throughout and she let me know when it arrived too. A pleasure to work with, thanks again!
    19. I sold a Volks SDGr body to GreenWolfy. Paid promptly, great communication. Was very patient about the almost 6 WEEK delivery time (Gotta love the postal service!). Awesome buyer.
    20. I bought a Oasisdoll head from GreenWolfy. Transaction was perfect, good communication, and the head was very well packaged and protected.
      Highly recommended!!