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Feedback for GrievingLeonhart

Dec 11, 2008

    1. Hey there!

      If you've done business with me, please leave feedback here. :)
    2. I recently sold a Minimee Aoi head to GrievingLeonhart and it was a great transaction, especially since it was a first transaction for higher priced item. I would love to sell to them again in the future~
    3. I bought a Puki Piki and had an amazing transaction!

      The Puki is in brand new condition, communication was fast and friendly and shipping was superfast (I paid 2/18, it was shipped the very next day 2/19 and I received it 2/21).

      You just can't do any better than that.

      Thank you so much!
    4. Did a piggyback Fairyland order with Grievingleonhart. She was very patient, paid quickly. Highly recommended.
    5. GrievingLeonhart purchased an El head from me. She asked if I could hold the head until the day she could pay, and sent payment very quickly on the agreed-upon date. Communication was always friendly, and I received a PM to let me know the head had arrived safely. It was a very smooth and pleasant transaction, and I would highly recommend her as a buyer! :)
    6. GrievingLeonhart purchased a Shiwoo Dreaming head from me. She respected the date she told me she would pay for it, and was very friendly. I would highly recommend her. :)
    7. Positive feedback!

      I traded my Doc Girl body for her DZ Leo. Gread doll, really cute ^^. I recommend
    8. I bought an El head from GrievingLeonhart, and the transaction was wonderful! Communication was great and the El arrived in what I can say was the BEST wrapping job I've ever encountered when buying a head! I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again! :aheartbea
    9. bought a twin B head from me^^fast payment and good communication. hope you take good care of the doll^^ thank you
    10. I did a partial trade with GrievingLeonhart and she was a pleasure to do business with. Prompt with payment and shipping the doll. Nice person to talk to in general. Highly recommended. A+++
    11. GrievingLeonhart is the greatest seller ever!!! She sold me a gorgeous March Dali, she was amazing to talk to and kept in constant contact with me. I couldn't ask for a nicer more amazing person to talk to and to have as a seller.

      I highly recommend her to everyone. Thank you so much for everything :)
    12. I got a lovely Pipos Mango with no problems at all - thank you!
    13. I bought a DOC doll from GrievingLeonhart. She shipped it very well packaged and timely. A very nice, considerate and giving seller. Highly recommended!
    14. A pipos chess piece was offered in response to my WTB post. It was a great transaction. Very easy to deal with, nice, very patient when I needed to round up the money, responsive, very fast shipping. Couldnt' be better. Thanks so much!!!
    15. Well, I said I wouldn't hesitate to do business with GrievingLeonhart again, and I didn't! ^_^ She bought a modified LTF Dreamy Shiwoo faceplate from me, paid on the arranged day, and was awesome in general. Don't be afraid to buy from or sell to her! :)
    16. GrievingLeonhart participated in my Soom GO, and was a pleasure to work with! She was nice, and prompt with all communications and payments.

      Thanks again!
    17. Sold a doll to GrievingLeonhart. Clear communication, prompt payments, and very pleasant to work with. Very good buyer! Thanks so much~
    18. GrievingLeonhart participated in a Soom MD split run by me. She was very patient with the 6 month long wait and always replied to PMs. I would recommend her as a buyer ^^
    19. Bought a Soom MD from her and all went well with good communication and quick shipping. Highly recommended!
    20. She bought a pair of Bygg feather wings. She paid when she said she would and kept great communication the whole time. She was very nice to sell to. I highly recommend her. I will buy/sell with her again