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Feedback for Grotebur

May 28, 2016

    1. Please leave your feedback if i have any transactions with you :)
    2. I bought a Switch Taeheo head from grotebur. It was a great transaction, good and pleasant communication. The parcel was shipped within the agreed time and arrived safe and sound. The head was packaged nicely and arrived just as described. Thank you!
    3. Grotebur brought a Blood Blue Pasha Pulse from me and it was a great transaction! Payment was sent very quickly and he sent pics as soon as she arrived. I highly recommend him; Thank you so much :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea
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    4. I bought a Head from grotebur.
      Nice Transaction, great communication and quick reply.
      The Head was shipped quickly and arrived save.
      I can only recommend this seller.

      Thank you very much!
    5. grotebur bought some Enchanted Doll Eyes from me and everything was perfect! Thank you!
    6. I bought an aileen doll Pico dragon Ashes from grotebur. Communication was grate and shipped promptly with a tracking number to follow. Great seller! Would work with again. Thank you for such a wonderful doll.
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    7. I purchased an Aileen dragon from Grotebur. There was excellent communication and he shipped in a timely manner and provided a tracking number. I am very satisfied with my purchase and would happily have future transactions with Grotebur.
    8. grotebur bought some clothes from me and it was very nice transaction, I definitely recommend dealing with grotebur ;)
    9. I purchased a Cyril head by Nabarro from Grotebur, and I could not ask for a better partner.

      We had a roadblock in our transaction. When I sent payment, Paypal held the money. I had to fight with their customer service for over a week. Grotebur offered to refund me if he could not gain access, but he was patient enough to let me work it out. At last Paypal released it to him, and he shipped Cyril soon after. I thank him for being professional and patient; it was a stressful ordeal for us both. Cyril was packed and labeled perfectly. I am impressed, and deeply grateful. Thank you, Grotebur!
    10. I purchased Bichun from @grotebur who was very quick to reply with any questions I had and also quick to send him out. I am so happy! Would definitely recommend them. I am through the roof so happy right now <3
    11. NEGATIVE First time I've had to do this, but I'm leaving flaky buyer feedback for Grotebur. Grotebur contacted me about purchasing a doll I had for sale, then backed out at the last minute after we had negotiated the price, shipping cost, had exchanged paypal info.

    12. so i have the personal necessity to reply this negative feedback. i do ask for a special price to this user since on her publication was specify as OBO. i do have the funds then but i got more important personal issues to worry about and spend my money. so i ask the correspond apologies to her on P.M. i really think this negative feedback is not necessary AT ALL because could be justify on personal messages. on my personal opinion i think she could ask for a complete justification on personal message before post on my feedback thread and i think this is complete overreacting. :roll:
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    13. I purchased a Hamin head from grotbur. Communication was great. I received the item quickly and packed well.
      Highly recommended!
    14. Grotebur is totally amazing! He did a face-up commission for me and the work was phenomenal, but almost more importantly, he is just an absolutely lovely person to do business with. We had many conversations back and forth about shipping, getting stuck in customs, etc. and he was wonderful throughout. He's a very thorough and professional individual and that kind of care goes a long way. I was extremely pleased with my transaction and also the result of his labor. Would highly recommend purchasing from or commissioning him!
    15. I had a positive transaction with Grotebur regarding an Iplehouse EID SWAT outfit set and the associated 1/3 gun prop. Communication was prompt throughout. Due to an unfortunate accident, the gun prop broke in transit. I contacted Grotebur with photographs; I wanted to keep the items but asked Grotebur if he would be willing to give me a refund of $25 due to the broken item. He agreed to this and sent me the refund promptly. I'm very grateful to Grotebur's swift responses and willingness to understand the situation, and would recommend purchasing from him.
    16. I sold grotebur Goohwa, paid super fast, great communication, he let me know when the doll arrived. Wonderful person to do business with! Thank you so much!:3nodding:
    17. I sold a pair of Enchanted Doll eyes to @grotebur and the transaction went perfectly. He was quick to pay and had great communication. Thank you! :kitty2
    18. I just bought A PashaPasha Breathe head from Grotebur: really smooth transaction, great communication and an all round, friendly helpful seller. Very happy, Thank you :)
    19. I bought an Amadiz wig from Grotebur and everything went really well. The packaging was awesome, thank you for everything!
    20. I bought a Dollshe Arsene from Grotebur. He was wonderful from start to finish. Very good communication and quick responses.

      I just received Arsene today and he was so wonderfully packaged, I have never seen a doll so safe! And Arsene himself is beautiful - Grotebur did his Faceup and body blushing, and he is a true artist :D Also he kindly included a pair of eyes, thank you!