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Feedback for Grouchy Gnome

Nov 13, 2011

    1. Hello, please take the time to post Feedback for Grouchy Gnome here!
    2. :aheartbeaPositive!:aheartbea

      Grouchy Gnome bought parts of the FL Roke outfit I had for sale. She had great communication as was very understanding. She even let me know when the package arrived safe and sound! I would definitely recommend her as a buyer
    3. Grouchy Gnome bought some Dollmore Dollpire hands from me. Communication was fabulous and payment was prompt, she was friendly and great to deal with. Highly recommended, thanks so much!
    4. Grouchy Gnome bought a Jake Sully head from me. Communication was prompt, payment was quick and she was a delight to work with! I can recommend positively if you deal with her!
    5. Adding yet another positive feedback for someone who bought a Resinsoul Blue Boy Body from me - that silly GrouchyGnome! Excellent to deal with, prompt on payment and such a delight, many thanks for not only buying the body, but being so nice to sell to! This hobby has some of the BEST folks here! Thanks, Norma!
    6. Grouchy Gnome purchased a DIM Minimee head from me. Great transaction all around, great comms, prompt payment, and feedback. Many thanks!

      I sold Grouchy Gnome a pair of SOOM Ender Horns in Midnight red colour.
      The transaction went perfectly and communication was excellent.
      I would happily buy or sell to her again in the future.

      Thank you :)
    8. Grouchy Gnome purchased a DIM Stuart Townsend Minimee head from me. Transaction was great all around, prompt payment, and great communication! She was friendly and great to deal with! Highly recommended, Thank You~
    9. Grouchy Gnome bought an Impldoll Martin head from me. Payment was prompt and communication was great. I was informed when everything arrived and overall it was a very smooth and pleasant transaction.
    10. Grouchy Gnome bought a ResinSoul Yi head from me. The communication was wonderful, payment was instantaneous, and overall it was an excellent transaction. Thank you so much! POSITIVE! :thumbup