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Feedback for Gryphonblade77

Jan 17, 2009

    1. Im opening a shop in the Marketplace - Accessories section, so please put any comments on my service here. Thanks!

    2. I purchased a furniture set from gryphonblade77 and it was sent out (and subsequently recieved) very quickly. A wonderful transaction. I'm very happy with it :D Thank you!
    3. i traded my chuchu winking plate for an ani faceplate. and everything went beyond splendidly.
    4. I bought a wood-burned sword & shield from Gryphonblade77. Actually it was part of a set, and he agreed to split, no problem! They arrived super-fast, and look wonderful with my Puki warrior. Will definitely be checking your shop often!
    5. Next I've expanded my Puki's arsenal by getting a wonderful little wood-burned "Greatbow." It is totally ingenious like everything Gryphonblade makes. I'd first thought that my Pukis would be a peaceful sub-species, but war is so much fun with the right weapons-maker!

      Well, maybe not war per-se, but SOMEONE's got to keep those pesky squirrels out of the winter food stores...

      P.S.: Shipping is super speedy, and packaging is totally clever so that everything arrives in ready-to-play condition ;)