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Feedback for Gulan

Aug 31, 2008

    1. If you have done any busincess or transaction with me, then please leave me a feedback here. Any comment is welcome:XD:
      Thank you very much:thumbup
    2. Gulan participated in a VOLKS USA group order with me and was a wonderful wonderful person to deal with.
      She paid quickly and stayed in touch.
      Thank you so much for a wonderful transaction ^_^
    3. I bought a Feeple Nanuri 08 head from Gulan and she was wonderful to deal with! The head came super fast and she worked with me to do a layaway! :)
    4. Gulan bought some sweater from me.she was friendly and a pleasure to deal with..~and make a very quickly payment~~a nice communication~ ^0^Thanks so much~
    5. Thanks sooo much for the boots Gulan! They are super cool! And you were awsome to do bussiness with! Thanks again, I give you %100 :)
    6. I bought a Dollheart shrit from Gulan. She asked a decent price, was very quick and friendly in communication, shipped promtly. In all i am very satisfied with this transaction.
    7. I participated in a Luts GO with Gulan and it was perfect! Gulan was very friendly, quick to reply to PM's - amazingly fast shipping when Items arrived.

      I would definitely do a GO with again!

      Thank you ! :)
    8. I was in Gulan's Luts Group order. Everything goes great!!! She shipped fast and response queston fast!! Very nice people to work with!! Thank you Gulan!!
    9. I participated in Gulan's Luts GO. Great communication, kept the GO thread updated, and shipped my items out super fast. Absolutely wonderful to work with! Thank you so much! <3
    10. I participated in Gulan's group order for LUTS. Everything went perfectly. She kept the first page as updated as possible with payment and shipping status and such. I got my item really fast from her as well!
    11. I participated in a Luts GO run by Gulan and everything went flawlessly. Good communication, fast shipping, perfect transaction.

      Would definitely participate in another GO.
    12. I was part of the luts G.O. Gulan ran and everything went brilliant. Top notch communication and fast shipping. Thanks!!
    13. I was in on Gulan's Luts GO, and the whole thing went great! Great communication, constant updates, and really fast shipping. Thanks so much!
    14. I participated in Gulan's Luts group order and I couldn't be happier with this amazing transaction:).... Great communication, lightening fast shipping, and an absolute delight to deal with all round!!!:chibi

      :thumbup:thumbup for this awesome transaction;)
    15. I was in Gulan's Luts GO, and everything went great! Really friendly, great commincation, and my items arrived quickly and well packaged! Would do buisness with again~ :D
    16. I was in Gulan's Luts GO, and everything went great! Really friendly, great commincation, and my items arrived quickly and well packaged! Would do buisness with again~ :D
    17. I was also in Gulan's Luts GO, everything was fine and Gulan was really nice and quick.
      Thank you very much <3
    18. I participated in Gulan's Luts GO, and she was a very pleasant Group leader all around. She had superb communication skills, and everything in our GO went perfectly! I received my items today, very quickly and well packaged. I would definitely work with Gulan again!! Thank you~
    19. I was part of a Luts Go and thransaction went GREAT. Wonderful communication and my stuff came very well packaged. excellent - i wuold totally work w/ Gulan again :)
    20. I've just received my Luts stuffs from a group order organised by Gulan: couldn't be happier! My first ever group order and I'm so pleased it all went smoothly :)

      Thank you!