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Feedback for guls207

Jul 12, 2010

    1. Hello everyone! Please post your feedback here if you have bought anything from me, sold me anything, or had any other DOA related transaction with me! I'll be sure to leave feedback for you as well!:)
    2. Wow, I get to be the first official feedback! Hoorah! I had a fantastic transaction with guls207. Gulshan was great with communication, paid right away, and let me know as soon as the box arrived safely. Just a total sweetheart to work with, and lovely to talk to.
    3. I had a great transaction with guls207 too. She bought some clothing from me-- paid right away, let me know when the package arrived, and all communication was prompt and friendly. An excellent buyer! :)
    4. guls207 purchased several items of clothing from my sales thread and it was a very smooth transaction. Communication was always timely and payment was prompt. She let me know when the package arrived and that all was safe and sound. Thank you!
    5. Guls207 bought an Iplehouse Noctarcana Circus Limited Edition Strongman Ryan and such a pleasure to deal with! Fast payment and excellent communication and very nice and friendly! I highly recommend dealing with Guls207!!!
    6. Guls207 purchased a Dollmore outfit from me. Communication was wonderful, and payment was prompt. Guls207 was very patient with a small delay and was absolutely wonderful to work with. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with them again. Thanks so much!
    7. Just sold a pair of glass eyes to guls207 and it was a perfect and delightful transaction all around ~ I highly recommend! Thank you again! :) :chocoberry
    8. I sold four Chinese Dresses and a Victorian set! Guls paid quickly, kept great communication and let me know when everything arrived! an A+++ transaction!
    9. guls207 bought an MSD sized sword from me and it was a great transaction. Friendly communication, prompt payment and I was notified when the item arrived. I would not hesitate to do business with guls207 again!
    10. guls207 participated in my Iplehouse group order and helped make everything go smoothly and quickly. Payment was prompt and communication was friendly. I would certainly do more transactions with her in the future! Thanks so much!
    11. Gulshan purchased a CH Icarus from me on LAW and made timely payments, it was the purrfect transaction in everyway! I enjoyed our PMs too, Gulshan - hope to meet you again soon on the boards!
    12. Gulshan commissioned me to do faceups on her IH Tania and Ryan. It was awesome working with her! She was great to talk to and was kind and patient! I would work with her again in a heart beat! Thank you so much and I'm glad you love how they turned out!
    13. Gulshan bought a IH Little Junior Mars from me. She was amazing to work with. Sweet to talk to and very prompt with payments. We did a layaway and she payed everything in the timeline we had agreed upon. She stayed in communication with me and let me know as soon as he got there. Given a chance in the future, I would be happy to work with her again!
    14. guls207 purchased some outfits from me. Communication was great and payment was fast. A wonderful buyer. Thank you.
    15. guls207 participated in my most recent Dollmore GO. Communication was fantastic and payments were quick. Thanks so much!
    16. I need to give guls207 a big positive feedback ^ ^ She bought a Volks YoSD Chika from me, and we managed to meet up locally and hand over the doll in person. She was very nice and easy to talk with, her payments arrived exactly as we agreed. I want to recommend guls207 to all as a buyer.
    17. guls207 purchased some more items from my threads and was again a pleasure to work with. The communication is always very timely and friendly and payment is prompt! Highly recommended! Thank you!
    18. Guls207 bought doll eyes from me couple of times at a meet. Always fun to see her new looks for her dolls. Also did transaction through mail where she paid quickly and let me know when package arrived. Always a pleasure to do business with.
    19. Guls207 comissioned me after seeing a picture of my dolls outfit in the Iplehouse mini picture threat.
      The communication was great and always enthousiastic and friendly. She was not able to pay me directly but notified me and we agreed on a date for the payment. She payed right on time.
      Afterward she also kept contact to show me pictures wich makes me really happy^^
      Totally reccomended as a buyer!
    20. I have done several transactions now with guls207 and they have been flawless every time! Communication is timely and payment is prompt. Very easy to work with and I highly recommend her! THank you!