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Feedback for GuroDoLL

Jun 15, 2012

    1. please leave feedback here~:chocoberry
      thank you~! ^_^
    2. GuroDoll purchased from me. The payment was fast and communication great. Thank you for a pleasant transaction.
    3. GuroDoll purchased a Spiritdoll Holly head from me. Payment and communication were practically instant, and Gurodoll let me know as soon as the head arrived. Great buyer!
    4. GuroDoll purchased a Spirit Doll Acer from me.
      The transaction on her part was perfect; communication was always friendly and prompt, and the payments were also very quick. She let me know as soon as he arrived, and she has been very understanding about some transaction issues on my part (I forgot to get her shipping information at first and also forgot to disclose damage to his carrying case).
      I would definitely recommend doing business with GuroDoll.