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feedback for h a c h i k o

Feb 25, 2008

    1. Hi everyone! This is my feedback thread, oh yeah~ :)
    2. I sold a head to h a c h i k o, she is a nice person, everything went smoothly. We have good communication, everything went smoothly and she made fast payment. I am happy to trade with her ^^
    3. I bought a head from Hachiko and the communication was superb and the shipping great!! Glady do it again!

      Thanks for the good transaction!!:lol:
    4. Hachiko was kind enough to sell me a pair of hands that I REALLY needed. Got 'em here right away (as soon as she could dig out... :D ) and was delightful to work with. Thanks!
    5. h a c h i k o recently purchased a Dollga Noella from me. Communication was superb! She was always polite and kind- a true joy to work with. Payment was super quick as well. I would definately love to have her as a customer again- she was such a pleasure to deal with. I hope you enjoy your new doll!
    6. I sold a body to H a c h i k o, good transaction super fast payment and great communication! Would sell to again.
    7. She bought a head from me and everything went smoothly. No issues or problems throughout the process. Very polite and kept me in the loop throughout the entire transaction. Recommended buyer. :)
    8. H a c h i k o purchased my NS MiniMee body from me.
      She paid promptly when she said she would, and communication was a dream.
      It was a real pleasure dealing with her, and I'd be more than happy to do it again!
      Enjoy your body!! :aheartbea
    9. Sold a wig to H a c h i k o! The transaction went very smoothly: prompt communication and payment-- aside from some difficulties with the mail, I apologize for again, aaargh. :];; I recommend her as a buyer and thanks again!
    10. I sold Hachiko my Lati Red M. She is a excellent buyer with prompt payment, great communication through out the entire transaction process. I highly recommend her ;)

      thanks again <3
    11. I have received a head from Hachiko. She is remarkable person. With her it was very pleasant to communicate and all process has passed very easily. She the excellent seller and i recommend her.
    12. I bought a doll from H a c h i k o! and the transaction was flawless! Perfect communications and quick ship! Awesome to do business with!
    13. I bought an FDoll body from Hachiko and it had been a great transaction. Fast responses to pms, and the shipping was very prompt. Thank you so much!
    14. Hachiko traded a doll head for some tattoo work from me for her Hiroki, and she was an absolute PLEASURE to deal with! Couldn't ask for a better customer! Communication was always prompt and very friendly, and it was wonderful speaking with her. ^_^ Everything was perfect!

      I'm glad that you like your boy's new tattoos!! Have an awesome evening!!
    15. h a c h i k o purchased a couple items from me, and everything went great!
      Quick to pay and wonderful communication. Thanks again! XD
    16. Sold to h a c h i k o, went very smoothly. Thanks!
    17. Bought a body from h a c h i k o and she was great, willing to work with me and a layaway and great with communication. The body is in excellent shape.
    18. hachiko bought doll outfits from me, great transcation with prompt payment, thanks!
    19. Another great transcation with h a c h i k o. Smooth transcation, thank you again!
    20. hachiko bought a doll body from me and was excellent with payment & communication :D A+ buyer!