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Feedback for Hachimitsu

Jul 18, 2011

    1. If I've bought, sold, traded, etc... with you, please leave feedback here. Thanks! :)
    2. Hachimitsu bought a Luts Delf Soony head from me. The transaction went smoothly and there was good communication, Hachimitsu was a great buyer! Thank you!
    3. She bought a DIM Achernar head for me. She paid the estimated time, patient and good communicator.
      I would do business with it ^^

    4. Hachimitsu took part in my Nobility Doll Bill Kaulitz group order and was great! Communication and payment were always fast and very dependable. Thank you for being a part of my order and thank you for your infinite patience in this extremely long order! I hope to see your doll around the forums!