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Feedback for Hagata

Jul 17, 2008

    1. If you've had any transactions with me, please leave some feedback here. Thank you!
    2. Hikari took place in my Leeke GO - no problems whatsoever, nice and fast PM communication, recomended customer for sure.
    3. Hagata was in my Leeke GO-- it was great to order with her:) Thank you, my dear!:)
    4. Hagata bought a Luts Honey Delf coat from me. She was absolutely fantastic to deal with, and I would certainly recommend her to anyone considering selling to her :)

      Thanks honey
    5. I bought from Hagata a few accessories. The whole transaction was very quick, and the items in excellent condition.

      It was a good deal :)
    6. Hagata bought an accessory for MSD from me. She was awesome to deal with. Thank you very much ^^
      Highly recommended!
    7. Hagata sold me a Luts head and did a fantastic face up on him/
      Thanks so much.