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Feedback for HajimeKou

Apr 20, 2011

    1. Please leave feedback for HajimeKou here. :)
    2. I sold a Zaoll Muse and extras to HajimeKou. Payment was lightning fast and very easy for me to pick up. Communication was prompt and friendly and she helped me out with the shipping questions I had. (I've never shipped to Romania before!)

      I would highly recommend doing business with HajimeKou from the wonderful experience I had! Thanks again and enjoy your new girl!
    3. HajimeKou bought my Dollzone Mo. An extremely smooth transaction, she was quick to pay and very friendly - lovely to chat with as well. I would definitely recommend doing business with Hajimekou!!

      Thanks and hope that you've seen Mo by now! :)
    4. HajimeKou, Traded me for my rs li It went very well she kept me updated and was very nice about everything, she even checked the tracking for me, as well as posting her first!, Overall i would highly recomend her, she also threw in some very cute gifts
    5. This transaction took place some time ago, in July, but as I had seen little activity from the seller and was awaiting money they owed me I hesitated on leaving feedback. At first this was going to be neutral but given HajimeKou decided to overlook the check she promised to send me it is now negative.

      I was very patient with this transaction. The seller doesn't seem to have good comprehension of the English language so I put it down to language barriers. Until I received the Angel of Dream body I was trading with her for my Dollzone Megi.

      Not only did he have damage to one of his hands but his legs are so yellowed that they are an entirely different color from the rest of the body. The damaged hand was obvious yet I was never informed of it during the entire process of discussing this transaction which took nearly a month because HajimeKou and I agreed we would ship when she was in the United States to save on shipping.

      The fingers of one hand were all broken and poorly glued back together. The cracks were still evident and uneven. I asked for compensation for both the yellowing and the hand but only received compensation for the hand ($25 to purchase a new one). I agreed to this despite feeling ripped of because I thought the communication barrier and the fact that she had never done a trade before (as she claimed to me) meant she was inexperienced and afraid of getting a bad name.

      Due to language differences and my being over worked during the time this transaction took place a wig HajimeKou purchased from me during this transaction was the wrong one. I sent her a $15 wig when she requested one of much cheaper value. I didn't even notice the mistake until I added up the checks I had been sent for the items I shipped her. She would not have even said anything about the error had I not brought it up as she sat with the more expensive wig for a few days after receiving the items.

      I was promised to be compensated for the difference of the wig and because of my error would also send the cheaper wig to her. I waited and waited and waited and never received compensation. So I never sent the second wig, I don't make the same mistake twice.

      There is also the issue that on shipping the s-hook was held in place by a red lip liner pencil which broke during the transit. All over the body's back, shoulder, collar and hands there are red marks that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser has not been able to get off. Red marks are even within the cracks of the broken hand. The pencil was oil based so of course it's staining deeper into the resin.

      I am now stuck with a body that does not match and is damaged to a point I can't get back the amount I lost for it. The doll I sent her was cleaned, handled with care, undamaged despite it's age and wrapped carefully yet I got none of the same respect in return.

      I would never ever do business with HajimeKou again and I warn others from doing the same.
    6. I sold a doll to HajimeKou. Everything went really great, communication was prompt and very friendly, I got the payment as promised and she let me know once the doll arrived to her. I would definitely do business again with HajimeKou, thank you very much! ♥
    7. I bought a Dollzone Megi from HajimeKou. The transaction was very smooth, HajimeKou answered fast all my questions and shipped him fast and well packed. I would love to do buy/sell again! And of course I would love to recommend HajimeKou! Thank youvery much! :D
    8. I sold my Crobidoll Lance to HajimeKou and the transaction was perfect!

      Communication was excellent and we arranged for a local pick-up, which was a very pleasant interaction!
      I would love to do business with her in the future! Thank you!
    9. Bought by Supiadoll Yisol and was a fantastic buyer! Very quick communication, and a pleasure to work with. I'd definitely work with them again!
    10. HajimeKou purchased a Supia Eunice from me and she was wonderful to work with - excellent communication - quick payment and she let me know when the doll arrived. I wish all my sales went so very smoothly. Thank you HajimeKou!
    11. I sold a Luts SSDF Cane head to HajimeKou in response to a WTB thread. No problem at all with communication, prompt payment, and kept in touch with me during the process, especially when there was a little worry about the post being slow. xD I would definitely recommend this wonderful buyer. Thank you for the nice transaction and enjoy your dolls~
    12. I sold a doll to HajimeKou,and the transaction was very great ! Very nice communication with a serious person,thank you again =)