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Feedback for Hakari-chan

Apr 3, 2007

    1. If I've bought from, or sold to you, please leave feedback about how well (or poorly XD) the transaction was conducted!
    2. Hakari-chan is a great person to work with! Did a commission to make her an outfit and sold her other clothes and shoes and some socks ^_^ Paid very swiftly and was very nice and patience while I had to put some extra time getting her order ready :) Thank you!! Glad to hear that you like them!
    3. Hakari-chan just bought a handmade fur-wig from me. She is friendly to deal with, and quick to pay! I recommend her, and hope to deal with more people like her.
    4. HAkari-chan just bought a wig from me and the transaction went fabulous. XD Amazing dealer and would definetely recomand her to you all.. xD Wee.. *hug Hakari-chan*
    5. Did a pair of face-up commissions for hakari, she is a wonderful person and i'd love to deal with her again! n_n
    6. I sold a MNF body to her. She paid fast and she is a pleasure to do business with.
    7. I sold her a Dollzone Demi head.
      Nice transaction. Thank you !
    8. bought a wig from Hakari-chan. super fast shipping and awesome to deal with. A+++++
    9. Excellent transaction! Hakari-chan purchased clothing from me and everything went very smoothly. I highly recommend her!
    10. Bought MNF hands from me! smooth transaction! I highly recommend!
    11. commissioned me to open eyes on two mnf heads - was extremely friendly and pleasant to deal with.
    12. Fast communications and prompt payments. Great buyer! ^___^
    13. great to deal with, very prompt!
    14. Bought a doll from Hakari-chan. She responded promptly to PMs and is just a darling to deal with. The transaction went smoothly and the doll arrived quickly and was packaged very well:) I recommend her to everybody! *huggles Hakari-chan again:aheartbea * XD
    15. Hakari-chan commissioned me for two faceups. It was a pleasure to deal with her. Very quick payment and replies.
      Thank you so much for this smooth transaction. :D
      I highly recommend her!
    16. Hakari-chan bought a minifee Shushu vampire head from me, and she paid right away and was great tp communicate with! Recomend her anytime!
      Thanks again! ^^
    17. Very fast transaction, All was settled in a matter of hours and it all was very rapid. Great Seller. Bought two wigs, only charged shipping for one.
    18. I bought a wig from Hakari-chan. No fuss, no muss, excellent transaction. She's the bee's knees!
    19. Bought a pair of eyes from Hakari-chan, very patient and understanding, great seller, highly recommend! :)
    20. I did a trade with Hakari-chan - my NS Nanuri 07 for her gorgeously modded WS minifee lishe head :) Fast pms, good communication, and a pleasure to deal with. I'm sooo glad you offered her up for me! :) Thanks again!