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Feedback for Hakkai89

Aug 25, 2008

    1. Since I've been able to access the Marketplace and that fact that my friend and I's little accesories shop has finally gotten it's first customer I figured I would start this for those of you that I have purchased items from and what not. And for those of you who have bought from Afterglow:Leonine Gems. I thank everybody who business has been dealt with for being patient, and kind through any sort of transaction it's greatly appreciated. :)
      So like I said this little feedback thread is for all of you mentioned about to take the time out and leave a little comment about how you think things went for future referance. Thanks again. :)
    2. Hakkai89 bought with her friend also on DOA my 2 guitars for BJDs'. She was helpful in making sure her friend who was doing the paying part was aware of my address and they both promise pics of their boys with their new loves soon. Thanks for doing a smooth transaction. :)
    3. Hakkai bought a pair of Dollheart boots from me.

      Was very fun to talk to, and was VERY patient with me, even though I shipped them very late due to family issues.

    4. Hakkai bought a pair of MSD shoes from me. Really nice to deal with, reply PM promptly, and was extremely patient. Thank you so much!
    5. Hakkai89 commissioned me for a complete custom Christmas outfit and a printed t-shirt and never paid me. It's now been six months and I've sent e-mail reminders constantly, talked to her several times over messenger, and sent invoices out. Every time I'm told I'll be paid in a few days, and it's never happened.