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Feedback for halblingefrau

Jun 29, 2008

    1. This thread is for feedback for halblingefrau.
    2. halblingefrau bought my Elfdoll Hana Devil from me. :)

      Payment for the item was super fast and all communication was prompt, friendly and professional!

      She let me know when Hana arrived and left me feedback.

      The whole transaction is perfect! :thumbup
    3. halblingefrau purchased a Murphy's Bed CD from me. The transaction was fast and the communication great. Thanks!
    4. VERY UPSET. I had made a trade offer to her, and she had agreed on the trade--then suddenly she tells me she has sold the doll. I would not do any dealings with her EVER, you don't agree and then go ahead and sell the doll to someone else. A deal is a deal.
    5. Jenny has every right to be upset. While I did sell Miel to the first person who PM'ed me, I had made a trade agreement with Jenny before hearing back from the first person interested. This was very immature and unprofessional on my part, and I understand and accept the negative feedback. I am embarrassed that I did this, and I feel even worse because I'm sure I totally ruined Jenny's excitement at getting a new doll. Jenny is wonderful and prompt in her replies to me, and seems to be a great person. If there was a way I could go back and handle the situation differently, I would. That said, the best I can do now is learn from this situation and, if anyone should ever want to deal with me again, pledge to be professional and not renege on agreements.

      My humblest apologies.
    6. Mary, I am also disappointed. I was 99% under the impression that you were thinking of going ahead with a trade with me. I was just waiting for you to get back to me with the cost of shipping to Spain. I read again our pm's exchanged and you show nothing but enthusiasm for the trade and your only concern was the cost of postage to Spain. But at no point did you say that you WOULD NOT ship to Spain.
      It would have been really polite to have pm'd me to say that you'd had second thoughts and would prefer to deal only within the US, or that you had another buyer instead.
    7. This person made a verbal agreement with me for a doll trade, I had her doll all packed up to go-then suddenly she PM's me and says she SOLD the doll. I have now learned that she had also made at least one other "deal" for a trade with another member, for this same doll. While I will not call her a scammer, I will say that something is VERY WRONG here--should you decide to deal with her, do so at your own risk!
    8. I bought a Latidoll Miel from Mary. She sent the doll as soon as I paid, sent some extra gifts in the box and even paid extra for shipping out of her own pocket! The doll was in perfect condition and packed very well. Mary is a wonderful person to deal with and I would buy, trade or sell to her anytime.
      Thank-you SO much Mary!