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Feedback for HaloNoir

Oct 31, 2009

    1. Please leave feedback for any transactions with me here! :)
    2. I sold HaloNoir a mini guy and ... what a great transaction! HaloNoir followed through on the offer presented and everything went really smoothly. Would do business again!
    3. I sold HaloNoir a Volk's Myu. It was a very pleasant transaction. Excellent communication and she paid very quickly. I highly recommend her and I hope we can do business again sometime.:D
    4. HaloNoir bought a msd sized wig from me, it was a perfect transaction! Thank you :)
    5. HaloNoir bought my Fairyland event mnf Breakaway scar head/hand set. It was a very smooth transaction, and she made the payment very fast! She was also very nice to talk to :D I would highly recommend doing business with her. Thank you!!! :fangirl::pcake
    6. I sold a Boy and Girl Hera to HaloNoir through an Ebay auction I advertised on DoA,she paid quickly and everything went smoothly.I defiantly recommend doing business with her!
    7. HaloNoir purchased a pair of Masterpiece eyes from me. Payment was very fast, PM communication was excellent throughout, and she even let me know when the eyes arrived in the mail. Definitely a recommended buyer!~

      Thank you for a great transaction! ^_^
    8. I sold a Megi to HaloNoir and everything went very well! Payment was quick and she was very pleasant in pms. I would totally do business with her again:)
    9. HaloNoir purchased my Bobobie Sprite, and the transaction was nothing short of stupendous!

      She was friendly and frequent when it came to communication, and was super-quick to pay; she was also beyond benevolent when it came to me screwing up the shipping price. XD;

      In all, I don't think that my Sprite could have gone to a better home, and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with HaloNoir again in a heartbeat~
    10. HaloNoir bought two wigs and a pair of eyes from me and was great to work with. Payment was super quick and communication was good. Thanks so much <3~
    11. I did a trade with HaloNoir and the transaction was great! Shippment was quick and product was perfect!
    12. Communication is great! We had a complicated transaction but we were able to figure it all out via PMs, e-mails, etc. Everything went great. Very good customer!
    13. I bought a doll from HaloNoir. This transaction was wonderful and very easy. I highly recommend her. Thank you for a very pleasant buying experience!
    14. HaloNoir purchased antlers from me and couldn't have been better. Great communication, fast payment, very friendly. Recommended!
    15. It was a pleasure doing business with HaloNoir. all perfect! highly recommend!
    16. HaloNoir purchased a DZ Fei head from me, and was wonderful to work with ^_^ She was very friendly and paid super fast. I highly recommend her, and wouldn't hesitate to do business again in the future :)
    17. Sold a Dollzone body to this person. Very friendly in pm and paid right away and was nice and understanding when the post office close early new years day and could not ship till a few days later.
    18. I sold a Dolkot body to HaloNoir and she paid promply and was very nice to work with :)
    19. halonoir bought a camellia dynasty longago from me. She's a great buyer and paid promptly (:
    20. halonoir and I traded - eyes for shoes. The eyes she sent were more brilliant than her pictures could capture. She was very patient even despite that I was delayed in shipping, and was trusting in that she sent her half of the trade out much before I had sent mine. Smooth transaction, a reputable and nice person.