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Feedback for Hanne

Aug 25, 2011

    1. If I have sold something to you or you sold me something, please give me a feedback here ^^
    2. I sold my DiM Jullis to Hanne. Paid right away and was very patient with me even though I made things so complicated. ^ ^; Deff a recommended buyer.
    3. Hanne and I traded dolls--I sent her a Sugarble Rudy, she sent me a LittleFee Rolly. We each got our dolls, and I am very very happy with the condition of the doll, the speed of mailing, and the entire trade! Hanne's a sweetie, easy to deal with, and reliable. Thank you, Hanne!
    4. I bought from Hanne Super Gem body. Everything was ok.
    5. Hanne participated in my Tom Hiddleston group order, they paid fast and were patient when the shipping took extra long! Would work with again!
    6. Hanne was part of my Soom Feny split. She was great to deal with, paid promptly, answered PMs quickly and let me know when she received her parts. Thanks Hanne! I'm glad you got your parts quickly.
    7. I bought a Abioangel full doll from her and she is absolutely a dear to deal with, really nice communication :D