Feedback for Happy moon moon

Nov 12, 2019

    1. Hello
      Please leave me feedback if we have completed any marketplace transactions.❤️❤️❤️

      -Happy moon moon
    2. It was a pleasure being able to buy my Grail Volks Lady Oscar from Happy Moon Moon!
      She was very easy to communicate with and was able to answer all my questions.

      When I received my package it was packaged so well! I am someone who loves the doll box as much as the doll and so i was very happy that there was bubble wrap all around the box so that the box would be safe.
      Would definitely purchase from her again! :sumomo:
    3. Happy Moon Moon was really easy to deal with, prompt payment and smooth communication :) Thank you so much!
    4. Positive:

      Happy Moon Moon bought a Volks Jo March head from me. She was super friendly and we were able to easily work out a deal between us, i shipped her out and once the head arrived, she let me know as well.

      Im glad she is able to add such a beautiful doll to her collection.

      Thanks again!!
    5. @Happy moon moon bought IP head from me. She payed right away, her communication is polite and friendly. I would recommend her to anyone.
    6. @Happy moon moon bought an Iplehouse head Grace from me in PS. She payed right away and was very polite ad friendly. I can recommend her to anyone - she is lovely lovely international buyer!
    7. I bought a Ringdoll Lan Wangji from Happy moon moon. Communication was excellent and she sent me lots of photos. The doll was shipped quickly and was very well packaged. I’m very happy with my purchase and I’d happily buy from her again. Thanks so very much!!
    8. Happy moon moon purchased Volks Williams from me, and the transaction was great! Great communications, and prompt payment. However, there was bit of mistake with delivery, and the post office sent him back to me. Once I got him back, the shipping was very tricky due to COVID-19. But, we both were able to talk and decided to wait on shipping him out again. Happy moon moon was very patient and understanding of the situation. I was able to send him and he has arrived to his new home safely. I would definitely recommend Happy moon moon as a buyer!!
    9. I purchased a Ringdoll Wei Wuxian doll from Happy moon moon. Great communication - she answered all my questions, sent me photos and even a video of the doll, so I felt very confident when buying. I'm very happy with this transaction and can recommend Happy moon moon to anyone.
    10. I purchased a Ringdoll Ashford from Happy Moon Moon. She was quick to reply in our conversations, and was very patient with me even though I asked many questions and was anxious about shipping issues. She showed me recent pictures and a video of the doll before we finalized the purchase. The doll was wrapped very securely and arrived safely, and the box came in perfect condition as well because of the superb packing. Thank you so much for reaching out to my WTB thread! I very much recommend Happy Moon Moon as a seller :)
    11. I purchased a Wei Wuxian from Happy Moon Moon, and it was a great transaction! She was patient with all my questions and updated me frequently. Would definitely recommend Happy Moon Moon as a seller
    12. Happy Moon sold me a Norman head. Happy Moon packed him very well and sent him fast. Would highly recommend! AAA+++
    13. I purchased a Volks Rapunzel full set doll from Happy Moon Moon, and she came quickly and very well packed. I would be happy to recommend them, and purchase from them again. Thank you!
    14. wonderful! I bought a very fragile and expensive doll (dollzone sawareida) and she was lovingly packaged and arrive quickly, in perfect condition and exactly as-described. Thank you!!
    15. I sold one of my F62 heads to moon moon, and everything went very smoothly. I would definitely deal with them again!
    16. I bought a Studio Naiko Kanji head in tawny from Happy moon moon. Smooth transaction, provided pictures and videos, answered my questions patiently, and shipped well packaged and quickly. i would purchase from Happy moon moon again. Thank you!
    17. Happy Moon Moon sold me a Wei Wuxian full set and the transaction was easy, simple, and professional. She provided tons of pictures and he was packaged as if brand new. Pleasure doing business with you and thank you again! He's beautiful :love
    18. I’d like to thank Happy Moon Moon for my new Ringdoll Lucifer! She was really understanding, polite and helpful. Thank you once again!
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    19. I purchased a WS Naiko Kanji head from Happy moon moon and had another positive transaction. Smooth transaction, with pictures, great communication and packaging, just like before. I would do business again, no problem. Thank you for my twins :thumbup
    20. I purchased a Ringdoll Pingjing Xiao from Happy moon moon. They were great and allowed me to do a layaway plan with everything that was going on at the time. After finishing up, he was shipped quickly and arrived to me in good condition. I highly recommend them as a seller. :)