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Feedback for Haru-Jen

Jan 12, 2007

    1. Although I have not sold anything yet on this forum, and I have to wait a little while longer to be able to regain my ability to purchase items (due to the new rules), I have purchased several items in the past, from several different sellers here on DoA.

      If you have sold anything to me, please leave feedback for me. And perhaps I'll even be selling things, too, pretty soon!! I'm still kinda a n00b, so I'm still in the "gathering" phase, if that makes sense...*_*

      And a big thank you to all who sold stuff to me!!


    2. bump, so I can find it!
    3. I sold a DIM body to Jen on layaway, and she's wonderful to deal with! She made all her payments in a timely manner, and made it a pleasant transaction all the way through. Great buyer!!
    4. Awww, shucks, thank you boleyn!! And BTW, he is a happy, happy boy!!
    5. I did a face-up for Haru-jen on her DZ Demi. Her communication skills are wonderful! The transaction was smooth. She's a lovely person to deal with!!!
    6. OK, so I do have a feedback thread still...couldn't find it there for awhile!! ;)
    7. I purchased a fullset Xi Aleister from Haru-jen about a week ago now, and her description, feedback, and overall helpfulness was amazing. Shipping was a breeze--got the doll in 2 days! I'd definitely buy from her again.
    8. Haru-jen purchased a body from me. She paid promptly and had great communication! Thanks! Would gladly work with again!
    9. Haru-Jen bought a SD fur coat from me. She paid reasonably fast and has great communication! Definitely a safe buyer.
    10. I just sold a BBB Pandora NS head to Haru-Jen-san and she was super to deal with!!!! She paid extremely quickly (lightning fast!), was helpful, cooperative and very friendly!!!!! Excellent buyer! I recommend her highly to all! She's a true asset to DoA!!!!

      God bless!!

      Thanks again!!

    11. Haru-Jen bought some mini books from me, she's very friendly and paid immediately. Would love to deal with her again! :D
    12. Haru-Jen did a layaway with me for a Limited Volks Elf outfit. She was very friendly in her communications, and
      prompt in her payments - and actually finished the layaway much earlier than given time! I would do business
      with Jen again anytime!!!
      I hope that you get some actual use out of the wonderful Elf outfit!
      Thank you!!!!
      Robyn_in_WA :)
    13. I sold to haru-jen -- she was a great buyer! Thanks again!
    14. I did a comission for haru-jen. She was very pleasant to work with, and paid quickly. I would happily work with her again!