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~Feedback for Haruko~

Jun 21, 2007

    1. Hello! Im requesting that anyone who has made a transaction with me to please post that I have either good feedback or negative feedback in your opinion. Thank you very much!!

    2. I had my little Bambicrony Kumi painted by Haruko, she did a fantastic job, communication was great, she was fast and shipping was quick and well packed. I recommend her highly.
    3. I commissioned a faceup for my YoSD Anne from her and it was fantastic! The faceup was perfect, she had great communication, and she worked really quickly. I highly reccommend her and would definately do business with her again~
    4. Haruko did a fantastic job on the face-up for my Unoa Sist (Aster) -- she turned out adorably!



      Thanks again!

      -- Andi :aheartbea
    5. Haruko and I just had a great transaction! She was very easy to deal with and paid me very quickly. I wouldn't hesitate to do business again.

    6. Haruko gave my AR Ren girl a fantastic faceup. I highly recommend her work.
    7. Haruko did a wonderful job on my girl Lavender! She is painted EXACTLY how I wanted her! I could not be any happier with the faceup!


      One thing to remember, Haruko is in school, so during the school year, she can take a bit of time to reply to PM's, but her work is well worth the wait!
    8. I received my boys Camille and Khadaj from Haruko this week, just in time for my birthday. They are beautiful! :fangirl:


      She was very dedicated to making the faceup match the personnality I had planned for them. She sent me progress pictures and made corrections when I suggested them. She followed the shipping instructions I gave her scrupulously and packaged the heads very carefully.

      Like Sterling said, if you commission her during school time, you may have to be more patient regarding delays in answering PMs and faceup turnaround time, but trust me, you'll find it was entirely worth it in the end! :)

      Thank you Haruko!
    9. Haruko painted my unoa; she was great! She answered all me PMs promptly, and I'm excited to get my girl soon... thanks again!
    10. Haruko did the faceup for my Chiwoo. I had to wait a long time for status updates (which was frustrating). But eventually he turned out very well. The only real problem I had was that she sent my doll before showing me pictures...So the one thing I wanted her to change (making his eyebrows a little darker) was too late to be done. T_T

      Otherwise, she was great and his eyes and lips are beautiful.

    11. I cannot speak highly enough of the excellent and courteous communications I have had about a beautiful Unoa Lusis I am buying from haruko.

      I feel totally confident about this transaction :)

    12. I commissioned Haruko for a faceup and I recommend her very highly! She did a great job. :D
    13. I was right to be confident...my Lusis arrived today and I am absolutely delighted with her.

      Thank you so much...I would thoroughly recommend dealing with Haruko :)

    14. Negative feedback!

      I had commissioned a face-up from Haruko last year and was really satisfied with the quality of it and the time she took to do it, so I decided to send her back my head, a BW Woosoo vampire mod, this summer.

      I sent my head out on July 2nd and paid for the face-up & return shipping right away. The head arrived safely to her. Haruko PMed me to let me know that his face-up was finished on August 8th. I asked for pictures, which she promised to give me without fail on August 20th, but that I still haven't received.

      The last message I have received from her dates back to August 24th, when she explained that she had been busy preparing for school and that her time on Internet was quite limited due to her use of her parents' computer. Since then, I've sent her many PMs & several emails asking her to return my head to me as soon as possible, but I haven't received any news.

      I'll be sending her a registered letter today asking for my possession back.
    15. I commissioned haruko to paint my Lishe head in June of this year, and she received the head in July. After that, communication was sporadic. On August 5th I was informed that my girl was nearly finished. When I contacted haruko again on the 14th to inform her that I would be moving back on campus on the 22nd, I was informed that the work still wasn't complete. I provided her with an alternate address, and she agreed to send the head there if the work wasn't done in time. I would not hear from her again until October 7th, after numerous PM's, emails, a paging thread, and threats of legal action. While I am satisfied with the faceup, I was not sent progress pictures or even notified that the head was being returned until the day after it was shipped. This was my second time commissioning haruko, but I will not be doing so again and I would not recommend her.