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Feedback for Harumichan

Apr 23, 2010

    1. Couldnt find one for Harumichan, so here i go!

      Just sold a pair of Ai antlers to Harumichan, and it was a fantastic sale. They were very patient with my inability to get to a post office for a little while, and they paid immediately. Kept in communication the whole time. I would certainly do business with them again! Im glad you like the antlers!<3
    2. Harumichan and I were temporarily involved in a split. When I changed my mind about wanting to split, I offered her a refund if she ever changed her mind about the parts. She later accepted my offer for a refund and we were both happy; I got the parts I truly wanted and she got funds to use on something else. :) She had wonderful, polite, prompt communication and I would highly recommend her for any business transaction.
    3. Harumichan bought a rosenlied dress from me, she is a very nice customer and everything went smoothly!!! thank you so much and i'll be happy to work with you next time for sure!! :D
    4. Harumichan participed to my Monzo Split.
      Quick payment, the communication was friendly :3
      She have mp'ed me when she received her parts.
      I'm very pleasant to deal with her. Thank you very much ^ ^
    5. Harumichan participated in my Syen split and she was perfect to deal with.
      Quick payment with good and friendly communication!

      Thank you! :)
    6. Harumichan joined my Fairyland split and she is a pleasure to work with!! Fast payment and very friendly!! I highly recommend her!!

      Thank you Harumichan!!
    7. she was part of my Syen split, and everything went smooth, communications and payment was good, thanks! :)
    8. Harumichan was part of my Soom Aphan split for his fawn head and shoes. She was wonderful to work with, always nice to talk to and payments were super fast. I would gladly work with her again and really apricated her understanding during the split!
    9. Harumichan bought Kakeru from me, she kept great communication and paid really fast. She was lovely to deal with and everything thankfully went smooth. I would highly recommend doing business with her. Thanks!
    10. Harumichan bought some doll eyes from me , for the whole transcation , it was really happy time , she is kindness and friendly , as a manufacturer of doll eyes , i am really happy to work with her , highly recommend all of you to make friends with her ,

      in my mind , business is the business , but we will enjoy the friendship and trust when we are together!
    11. Harumichan bought a set of outfit from me. She was lovely to deal with. The communication was great and she sent payment as soon as she could. She also let me know when the outfit arrived.
      Thank you very much!^_^
    12. Harumichan bought some MSD clothing from me and transaction was great! Harumichan's communications were friendly and prompt, and payment was sent quickly. Thanks so much!
    13. Harumichan purchased a Little Gem body from me and we had a splendid transaction. Communication was frequent and friendly and payment was sent swiftly, as promised. A pleasantly smooth transaction from initiation to completion - I would be more than willing to do business with them again in the future.

      &#9829;[ Thank you for your purchase!! ]&#9829;
    14. Harumichan bought a wig from me. It took quite some time to arrive, but Harumichan was very, very patient! ^^~
      Thank you so much for good transaction~&#9829;
    15. Harumichan bought LTF body from me. She payed fast, was really kind and patient to wait for packagge to arrive :) I totally recomend her :daisy
    16. Harumichan bought denim shorts and socks from me.
      Everything went smooth and very pleasant!
      Thank you so much again ^^
    17. Harumichan participated my split. She's very nice. Hope to deal with again. ^^ Thank you very much!
    18. Sold a YOSD cloth set for Harumichan
      With fast payment and communication
      Super smooth transaction

      Thank you very much again!!! :)
    19. Harumichan bought my Soom Keny -- was super sweet throughout and paid faster than on schedule on Layaway payments! Harumichan is a wonderful buyer-- I highly recommend her!
    20. I sold a Soom Lami body to Harumichan and everything went smoothly. Communication was steady, fast, and easy and payment was prompt. She is a wonderful buyer that I would recommend and would not hesitate to do business with again. Thanks!