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Feedback for Hatsue~

Aug 30, 2009

    1. If you have had any type of transaction with Hatsue, please record your experience here in this thread by leaving feedback for them~



      Hatsue recently participated in my sixth Fairyland group order and she was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Invoices were paid quickly and communication was well kept. :) I would definitely do business with her again~

      :bcake Thank you for participating in one of my group orders! :bcake
    2. I did a trade with Hatsue recently and everything went smoothly. Recommended!!!
    3. I participated in the 2009 Dollheart Fukubukuro with Hatsue, and everything went well. Items were shipped when stated and communication was good.
    4. Hatsue bought some puki clothes from me and she was very pleasant, she paid promptly, and let me know when her things arrived very nice!
    5. i had a great commission with Hatsue for a wig i made :)
      the overall transaction was excellent.. wonderful communication and payment was perfect.
      thank u so much again
    6. Hatsue purchased a MNF Marcia dreaming head from me. Her communication was excellent, and the entire transaction was smooth. I would definitely recommend her as a buyer. Thank you so much!
    7. Hatsue commissioned me some draws of her dolls from my art shop. I used her drawings as examples of my shop. Wonderful communication and very pleasant. Everything went well. I definitely recommend her as a buyer.

      Thank you so much again, Hatsue :aheartbea
    8. Hatsue was a participant in my tenth Fairyland group order and once again, was amazing to do business with. Echoing the feedback I left when I started this thread almost two years ago, communication was well kept and payment was sent exactly when promised. Another lovely transaction and I could not be happier. :)

      Thank you for your participation in this group order.
      I do hope that your experience was nothing short of a pleasant one.
    9. I purchased a Kid Delf Cherry head from Hatsue and was very pleased with my item! Great communication! Would love to buy from them again
    10. I bought a Doll Love God Enjoy from Hatsue and was very happy with how the trade went. Communication was great, the doll sent quickly, in good condition and carefully packed. Definitely a recommended seller.
    11. I bought a CH Junior body from Hatsue a few days ago, and it was a wonderful transaction: really fast and friendly replies, super-speedy and well-packaged (of which she sent me pictures) shipping. She even dressed the body in a pair of leggings and sent it with a few other gifts!

      I’d love to do business with her again if the occasion arises!
    12. Hatsue bought a Dollzone jacket & blouse from me. She paid quickly, and was friendly in all her PMs and incredibly easy to deal with.

      I would gladly do business with her again. Thanks!
    13. I bought a yo-sd doll from Hatsue and it was a great transaction: fast and friendly replies,well-packaged (of which she sent me pictures) shipping. Thanks!
    14. I sold yosd winter set to Hatsue.Everything was well,very very friendly and kindly.and the transaction was fast and easy! Highly recommended! Excellent buyer,Thanks very much!^0^
    15. I bought a dollmore Judith from her and shipping was fast and secure. ^_^
      very happy! Thank you!