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Feedback for Hatter15

Jun 11, 2012

    1. This is where you can leave feedback for Hatter15
    2. Hatter purchased a doll from me.
      She was a darling the whole transation, she payed with layaway but let me know when she had some trouble with paypal, and let me know just when he reached her. Strongly reccomend.
    3. Hatter bought a doll on layaway from me. It was a perfect transaction, very good communication and payment all in time.I highly recommended her.
      Thnaks so much!
    4. I participated in the recent Noob Accessory Swap that Hatter15 had run recently. Seeing it was her first swap, I think it was run pretty well (:
      Thanks for hosting this one, and I wish you luck with all future swaps!
    5. I was also in the Noob Accessory Swap--Hatter15 did a wonderful job running it, and I'd participate in another swap if she held one. Thanks a bunch!
    6. Hatter15 was my swap partner for the Noob Swap. At the very basic level, I was fortunate to have been paired up with someone who can knit a gorgeous hat for my Dollmore Youth Eve Mio. I am also grateful for Hatter15's insight for creating this swap thread because up until now, no swap existed that could introduce DoA members to this challenging, fun, and exciting activity. The swap brought to light how to get the most out of the DoA Forum when looking for talented clothing makers, but not having the resources to commission someone. I cannot think of a better way to get in at the ground level of acquiring custom clothing and accessories for the dolls we collect. I have searched the Marketplace and the commissioned services threads for countless hours with dismal results or uncertainties about what I was buying. At least with the Noob Swap, the risk is low and the results are fantastic. I sincerely hope that Hatter15 will continue to host this thread, and bring more members into this worthwhile activity.
    7. I was apart of Hatter's noob swap, it went well
    8. I was also a part of Hatter's Noob swap! Everything went extremely well and I thought she did a fantastic job of running it! It was my first swap ever and it was so much fun I started my own. Thanks for getting the ball rolling!
    9. I was part of Hatter15's Noob swap too. I thank her for this great idea, she run it very well and keep us informed all along the way.
      Thank you again, Hatter!
    10. Great buyer!! Prompt payment and excellent communication. Thank you so much!!
    11. Hatter15 bought the doll from me (on Layaway). Everything was wonderful. Payments strictly on time, friendly and fast communication. I was very pleased with this transaction. Thank you so much!!!
    12. I took part in Hatters around the world swap and the whole experience was very good! Hatter answered to all my questions and was a very good hoast, taking care of all the participants.
      I would love to join her swaps in the future as well.