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Feedback for Haunted Hecate

Sep 3, 2009

    1. Please post here if you've had a transaction with me. Thank you! :kitty2

    2. I sold a pair of eyes to Haunted Hecate. She was very friendly to deal with and was fast in replying and paying. Perfect transaction, thanks!
    3. Haunted Hecate participated in my Iplehouse group order. Great and friendly to deal with and quick payments. Thank you again!
    4. Haunted Hecate purchased a hoodie from my store. Haunted Hecate was very friendly and a pleasure to work with. Thanks so much! [:
    5. I sold a pair of shoes to Hecate.
      She was very sweet and friendly to deal with, paid quickly and let me know when the shoes had arrived.
      I definitely recommend her ^_^
    6. I sold an outfit to Haunted Hecate. She was quick to reply to pms, friendly, and quick to send her payment. A painless transaction, and I couldn't recommend her more as a buyer. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy that outfit!
    7. I purchased a Dream of Doll DOC Yu from Haunted Hecate. She was very sweet and wonderful to work with. She shipped him out right when she said she would. The packing of the doll was AWESOME. Tons of bubble wrap. He was very secure. I would definitely work with her again! Thank you!!