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Feedback for Hayate-san

May 16, 2009

    1. Please comment if I have done business with you. ^__^
    2. Shiny new feedback thread! ^ ^
      Hayate-san bought a pair of white SD-sized boots from me- she let me know the details of payment, paid when she said she'd be able to, and was very friendly throughout. Excellent transaction, wonderful communication - in addition to the lovely chats we had- and is an A+ customer. I'd be more than willing to do business with her again. =D
    3. Hayate-san bought a Dollmore hoodie and a pair of sneakers from me. She was really nice from the beginning to the very end, quick replies, nice PMs, fst payment... She also let me know when the package arrived, and even posted pics of his boy wearing the items. What else could a seller look for?

      Thanks again! :D
    4. Just did a trade with Hayate-san. Shipping was fast and tracking added. let me know when my stuff arrived and kept in good commuication threw the whole thing.
    5. I did a Face-up for Hayate-san. Great communication and a pleasure to work with!
      Thank you!
    6. Hayate-san joined my Dollmore group order and was absolutely a dream to deal with. She was very understanding through the issues and kept great communication. Paid on time! She definitely has my vote of confidence!
    7. I traded my Narin boy for Hayate-san's DZ Floy, and I couldn't have imagined a better trade. She kept in wonderful contact, was nice and easy to talk to, and packed everything very, very well and shipped on time. She kept great communication throughout the trade, and was, honestly, an absolute joy to work with. I look forward to working with Hayate-san again!
    8. Hayate-san bought a doll from me. Excellent transaction! Thank you very much!
    9. I bought the DZ Hid full set outfit from Hayate-san. She was super friendly and shipped right away. The outfit came quickly and I'm very happy with it. It was a wonderful transaction, and I would recommend her any time! :3
      Thank you!!
    10. I bought a super-cute pair of boots from Hayate-san! Love them! great communication, shipping, and everything.
    11. I bought a pretty wig from Hayate-san. Really nice person, really nice wig. Thankyou.
    12. I purchased a cute little skirt from Hayate-san. It arrived only a few days after I purchased it, and it is just lovely. Thank you so much!
    13. Just completed a trade with Hayate-san. Everything went fine and all. Fast shipping and wonderful commication. Would trade with again.
    14. I do a trade with Hayate-san. and my gosh, it's an excellent transaction.. :D
      The trade goes so smooth .. Hayate-san really a kind person to deal and talk with. Fast on ship and the outfit is really stunning too. I'm very satisfied and glad to do a transaction with her. Thank you so much dear... I looking forward for other deal in the future. :aheartbea
    15. I did a trade with Hayate-san, she wanted a faceup and I wanted one of her wigs. It went very well, she shipped the wig to me with the face and I had it back to her in a jiffy. I would do trades or general business with her anyday ^_^
    16. Hayate-san bought a pair of eyes from me. Flawless transaction! She is an excellent buyer. I would love to do business with her again.
    17. Sold a wig to Hayate-San. Everything was super fast and easy, great buyer!
    18. Traded eyes with her at a meet. Very friendly and fair. Would recommend her any day.
    19. Hayate-san bought a Dollzone Floy from me and was absolutely a doll (pun intended ;-D ) to work with! She was very patient and friendly in all correspondence! She worked out a layaway plan with me and was always prompt with her payments! She even waited patiently after she made the last payment and I was out of town with no internet! Wonderful to work with, I would highly recommend her!!
    20. Hayate-san bought a wig from me, perfect transasction, a wonderful person to deal with, good communication, fast payment, and she let me know the the package arrived:), would love to do business again:D