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Feedback for Hebi-chan

Jun 6, 2011

    1. Starting a thread 'cause she doesn't have one yet!

      Hebi commissioned me to clean/suede/restring/tighten her luts hybrid doll and was very quick with replying (even with my 3-5 messages a day)
      I also fixed his broken hand and she was also happy with the result!

      She paid right away and was a pleasure to work with!

      Hope to have commissions from you again!
    2. flakey feedback

      I hate to do this, but I haven't heard anything from Hebi in a while, and I'm not sure what's going on. I agreed to buy her Luts/Demongarden hybrid, and asked Hebi for a shipping quote. When they got back to me, they told me that it would be 16 dollars, so I agreed and asked for a shipping date. After a bit of a pause in communication, they let me know they would ship on Thursday, May 11th. I sent Hebi a PM that evening asking if they had shipped my boy, but no response. I waited till the weekend was over to PM again, since people get busy afterall, but then decided to check Paypal for another payment I sent. Turns out Hebi had refunded my money for the doll on Friday the 12th, with no information or indication of why or what was going on.

      I am glad I got my money back, but we had agreed to make the transaction, and to have it break off with no info is a little weird and definitely awkward. I don’t know if everything is ok with Hebi, and if it’s not I hope things clear up soon, but I figured I’d put in my story here.