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Feedback for Heceta

Mar 3, 2007

    1. Plz give me some feedbacks :)
    2. Heceta and I have made a successful trade in the past. I traded my NS Dollshe Hound from Tensiya for her NS Dollshe Saint from Dollmore. The transaction went very smoothly. Pm's were received before, during, and after each of us recieved our dolls. Thanks so much for the great communication. I highly recommend Heceta as a trustworthy trader.

      Thanks again, I am absolutely in love with my Johnny! :D
    3. I had a great experiance with selling to Heceta. She ordered earmuffs and legwarmers. Was great to deal with and payed promptly :)
    4. Heceta is a wonderfull personn to deal with: I've traded with her for a Juri head and get it perfectly packaged and very quickly. She was a sweety and rest in touch with me during all the transaction. I will deal withfor sure ^_~
      Thanks thanks a lot!
    5. Heceta is a very trustworthy trader. I've bought a dambi head from her. He came very save and quickly. She's a very nice person and highly recommendable.
      Maybe we will trade in future again.;)
    6. Thanks a lot! I bought some SD pants and they got here really fast and were nice! Would trade with again! Good seller! Thanks again!
    7. Heceta bought a pair of pants from me. She was very pleasant to deal with and prompt in payment. ^_^
    8. I bought a dollheart shirt from Heceta, and it's in perfect condition. Great communication and fast shipping, thank you so much ^^.
    9. Hecata sold an Estella head to me. She was so wonderful to deal with. She's very sincere and prompt to PM. Thank you so much!
    10. heceta bought two hats off me-super friendly and pays quickly! a lovely dollie person! thanks a bunch!
    11. I bought an Orientdoll So Ui from Vicki. She was very friendly and easy to deal with. Plus, she added several extras with the doll that were a real treat for me!

      Thanks, Vicki! Would do business again with her anytime!

    12. heceta bought a wig from me, she is a nice buyer, highly recommended!
    13. Vicki just bought a doll from me, She is very sweet, and very quick with payment. I highly recommend her!!

    14. Heceta, bought a Miyu head from me which she kindly paid for well in advance of being delivered and waited so patiently while LUTS let us down and did not ship for 40 days or so, she is very kind and super sweet to deal with we had 100% comms and I would gladly deal with her again anytime, i recommend Heceta to everyone for being such a FAB and extremly patient person and a totally lovely DOA 'er.
      Huge thanKies (((.>.<.)))
    15. I have sold to Heceta and she is lovely to deal with. Excellent communication and fast paying.
      Thanks :)
    16. I bought a lovely dollshe van from Heceta, and it was wonderful! Lots of communication and care with shipping the doll and even a few extras <3 She was also extremely helpful and patient! I couldn't recommend her any more highly <3
    17. Heceta bought a shirt from me and was pleasant to deal with throughout the entire transaction! She paid promptly and told me when the shirt arrived. I would do business with her again in a heartbeat~
    18. Sold some miniature kitchenwares to Heceta without any problems. Replies were quick and payment prompt. Thumbs up!! ^^
    19. I did a trade with Heceta - our transaction went very smooth and the process went like clockwork!!^^ Heceta even enclosed some super cute free goodies for my dolls! Thank you very much sweetheart! :aheartbea
    20. Heceta bought a Broken Time piece from me and I couldn't ask for a better transaction. Great communication, friendly, fast payment. Wonderful all around. Definitely recommended!