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Feedback for heidipay

Nov 9, 2008

    1. All right, I'm starting my own feedback thread, as I've started purchasing things in the marketplace. Thanks in ! :)

    2. I sold a pair of eyes to heidipay who was quick and courteous throughout the process. Altogether a pleasant transaction that I would be happy to repeat.
    3. Heidi bought an outfit for her new doll from me. All I can say is she was absolutely lovely! :D Communication was great and she was very understanding about the whole thing. A true pleasure to deal with. Thanks Heidi! ^_^
    4. heidipay is a great buyer. I made a pair of custom pants for her and she was very patient, quick to pay and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks!
    5. Heidipay participated in my very first Migidoll group order and everything went wonderfully well! Payments were made quickly and communication was kept up wonderfully on her end, making her a pleasure to deal with. I definitely recommend her and would gladly do business with her again!!

      :clover Thank you for your participation in this group order!! :D It was truly appreciated!! :clover
    6. heidipay bought a Type 2 SDF boy body from me and she was wonderful to do business with! Very quick payment, excellent communication and she was always friendly and polite. Thanks so much! :aheartbea
    7. heidipay bought Soom Topaz default eyes and the Soom Heliot default wig from me. She was very nice and quick on her payment. Would love to deal with again :) :) :) (and so glad you like the items!!)
    8. I sold Vesuvia's default eyes to Heidi. She was a pleasure to business with - really nice, great communication, & fast payment. I reccommend her to all!

      Thanks so much Heidi,

    9. HeidiPay bought my Heliot's default eyes...Great communication, paid super fast...was a smooth, perfect transaction!! thanks again..:D
    10. Heidi bought a Soom supergem body from me. She is a really awesome & wonderful buyer! =D She makes her payment promptly & is quick in replies~ definitely will recommend her~ ^-^b
    11. Heidi commissioned me to do a face up for a Ryu. She was absolute joy to work with. A great person! Kept in touch frequently and paid promptly. Thank you!
    12. Heidipay was part of one of my Soom Chrom splits, a wonderful buyer! Good communication, prompt payment, very nice to deal with. I would love to work with again.
      Thank you!
    13. Was in a split I ran. Paid promptly, good communication. Wonderful split member.
    14. Was in the Cass split I ran. Was just excellent to deal with, fast payments and great communications ^^
    15. Perfect transaction with heidipay who purchased a Soom Hati from me. Payment was fast and communication was great. An excellent buyer I would highly recommend. Thanks!
    16. Hiedipay participated in my Soom Galena split for the bird wings. Prompt payment and great communication. Would glady do business with again. :aheartbea
    17. Heidipay participated in my Soom Galena split. Communication was great and she paid promptly. I would love to work with her again. :)
    18. heidipay was in my Tedros split. It was a fantastic transaction - awesome communication, she is very prompt with her payments and let me know the package had arrived. I highly recommend her to other sellers/group order/split runners.

      Thank you!
    19. I sold a luts body to heidipay
      it was a GREAT pleasure to deal with her
      she paid super quick and communication was perfect!
      she was kind enough to let me know she got the body
      highly recommend to everyone!
      thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    20. I sold a set of Appini Kitty parts to heidipay. She was incredibly nice, was fast with communication, and was happy to work with me over a few delays on my end. :) It was just a wonderful transaction. Great buyer, and would gladly deal with her again!